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I dreamt when I was passing my

I dreamt when I was passing my street and I found out that a woman was selling yam and vegetable porridge and I stopped there and ordered one plate of it and I started eating on the point of finishing the food I so my sister and asked her to join me

Family didn't believe me when I said

Family didn't believe me when I said parasit fish were trying to kill us and that that a parasite shapeshifter in the form of my sister touched me

I have reoccurring dreams about lion and

I have reoccurring dreams about lion and I always hate how it ends. This morning, I had a dream that a lion was roaming free outside my gate, and at the same time I was preparing for a trip with my sister and 2 others. We were done and ready to go, I went close to the gate to access how we’d make it out without the lion attacking and I suddenly heard someone behind the gates, urging me to make sure I leave my current location and never look back. We had a plan, my sister will open the gate, I drive out and she locks the gate before joining us in the car (as fast as possible) When she opened the gate, I freaked out and urged her with fear to close the gate immediately. The gate was still open, as it was too heavy for only her to close and I woke up. This is not the first time I’m either running from a lion that seem friendly to others, but myself or just being scared entirely seeing one in my dream. Please I need interpretation, this is really bothering me.