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do you know what one of those

do you know what one of those like old-timey robots are? well they're called automatons) creepy automaton children following me and one time I was running away from them and one of them which had a big and deformed stood completey still when I was looking at it but when I turned away and looked back at it, the automaton child was right in front of me and I started attacking and it started attacking me and then all of a sudden, this other automaton child that was missing half of his face revealing what looked the head of the FNaF 2 endoskeleton just without the ears or mandible (lower jaw) and missing the left eye and that was it.

Cheerleader is murdered and buried in the

Cheerleader is murdered and buried in the desert. People are trying to find the murderer And more people are disappearing. We go to the desert and find the skeleton of the cheerleader next to a different body a couple feet away. We continued to dig this big rectangle hole to find the rest of the bodies. We needed to hide the fact we found the bodies soon after because someone was coming to check near the spot. So we hid. We soon found the murderer and tried to blackmail him of our knowledge of the bodies and trying to find out who was the other. He agreed to our terms and also told us who the man was only for him to call out and appear in front of us sayinhe was hiding with this invisibility power to hide from everyone for years and had placed a fake body where he should've been. When the lover of the invisible man seen his true face she ran after him with such power he ran from her as well as everyone else and we all began to hide.

I was at a summer camp and

I was at a summer camp and the camp director told us to do jumping jacks and we did. Then we were on these stairs outside and suddenly Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran started playing, and one of the boys in my group stopped on the stairs and just sat there mesmerized by the song. Everyone continued walking down the stairs and we entered a forest, I don't know why we were there but we were in a forest and there were cars and cabins there. I was very creeped out so I tried to leave, but when I did thorn-like things blocked the exit and a boy told me I had to stay loyal and help them look for a missing kid. So I walked around the forest and looked up at a cabin where I saw a shadow of a kid, it looked like he had a gun, he shot himself. I quickly walked away because I didn't want to believe it. I was about to as a supervisor how to exit the forest when two kids carried the corpse of the kid who shot himself. They lifted the sheet and there was a skeleton, and the skeleton was wearing a religious scarf on his head.

iam in my school with my PT

iam in my school with my PT sir is siting on a chair beside me a 17 yr old girl standing beside him and a boy is leaving the school I go in very small a 3-wall room with a boy sleeping on the bed I try to wake him up to leave the boy out of school but he did not wake up suddenly I noticed a ladder going up to a big attic I curious climbed up and saw a skeleton who is listening to some music on a radio he is angry that I disturbed him he chases me down the ladder and I run out of the room to my sir and I tell him the tale so he sends the girl to fight him. for a few while she fought him punching and kicking him then the skeleton defeated her then I stepped up and asked him to be my friend and he agreed next I saw that I was playing with my friends around some trailers then I met a woman sitting on a chair with three cats sitting on her side she asked me to choose one and I chose a Persian cat then she told me to call my friends to choose theirs. then we got promoted to a higher rank we got a new room it was no different from the previous 3-walled room then I noticed a door .when I opened it a wave of happiness gripped me . an English kitchen painted dark blue- the refrigerator, the floor , the window - everything then I cooked food for everyone and ofcourse the cats after we finished our food our session was over( this school I stayed in was a combination of a hostel, an academy, a kindergarten and a school.)my mom came to take me home I took the cat too I made a home for her in my terrace and put her in her bed.

I dreamed that I went in an

I dreamed that I went in an old big giant cruise that float in the middle of some big wide river. Inthere is so creepy and scary full of ghost doll and some skeleton. I went through the big scrap hole and climp up to some part the top of the boat. Suddenly I realized it's getting dark, so I climbed down and went back through the way I came from. Once I got out from the boat, it back to the day time. And then the boat broke down like titanic. And I jump into the water.