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Last night, I had a dream and

Last night, I had a dream and I was with two other persons and we were at a place like an office environment not a place I am familiar with. Then a man called prof. came and led us to another place. Then he took us into a lift and we stood with our head fixed to a compartment of the lift that we did not see each other but when the lift took off we were riding in the open across a very big ocean in extremely fast speed with our heads turned upside down but when we approach the destination our heads were turned upright and we landed on our feet at the shore. we landed like from a parashot and prof. who led us walked away and in search for him I met a woman who said I should wait for a room to be free for her to prepare for me to settle but I could not locate the other persons I came with nor prof. although I saw a lot of people at the place either standing and smiling at me or chatting on their phones and I was there to work for three weeks so I ask the lady whether there wasn’t alternative transport except for only that lift to connect the two places and she said yes.

I was at my Middle School. Upstairs

I was at my Middle School. Upstairs walking around the corner near the stairs. I saw my first ex-boyfriend with some other people I can not recall. He said something but I forgot, the only thing I can remember him saying was "Oh my gosh.." and I think, "I'm coming up." and some other stuff but I forgot. Then next thing I knew was that he came up and I was with my other friends laughing down on the floor but we were across from where we were from. He was standing literally right next to me, I touching his feet was scrawling and laughing for whatever reason. I saw him smiling and chuckling at me, that same stare he would use give me when I was happy. That I-love-you kind of stare