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I'm a 17 year old girl who

I'm a 17 year old girl who is not living with my parents and dreamt of my parents getting into a car crash . My father was the driver and my mother was in the front passenger seat and my 7 year old baby brother was on the back seat . I was not in the car . My foster mother tells me later that day what happened after I got home from school and we immediately rushed to the hospital . The doctor told me that my father died on the scene and my mother died on the way to the hospital and my 7 year old baby brother is in a coma. The doctor thrn told me that they need to put my brother in a child welfare system and that I can not take him because I'm not 18 yet. I kept shouting at the doctors that they can not take my baby brother away from me. Then I turned to my foster mother with tears in my eyes and said "please help him"

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was in a grocery store and there was this really tall lady and she had a charter chubbier daughter. The were walking to be, she looked me dead in the eye and said something in Spanish and knocked me into a wall. Hey I called. She turned around standing right in front of me and said she was going to beat me. For some reason I was in shorts and she stuck her nails into my leg and began to hurt me I tried to find some way to make her stop. She was making it bleed. I watching and saw people walk by I would yell and try to get there attention. A store clerk noticed and walked over to me with tears in my eyes I had someone ones attention. She let go of me. I nailed her in the stomach making her bend over and slapped jereaving a mark as I ran away screaming curses at her. I lost both my shoes running and she just followed the blood trail I left. After finding a great hiding spot she stood dead in front​ of me getting a fist full my shirt and lifted me of the ground. Centimeters from her face she said she would kill me. I woke up as her hand drew closer to me. I woke up and now my leg hurts, from where she Wes digging into it

In the midst of my sleep did

In the midst of my sleep did I dream in my dream when my spiritual father (Overall Pastor) had woken up at sunrise to make some juice drink for his child from outside the main house. In the process of this careful preparation, the juice concentrate spilt off to the ground in the presence of this watchful toddler. The child responded with loud cries and in his response to sooth these tears stood firm and made biblical utterances with a sorrowful, humble and broken heart unto what had transpired with a melody of closely knit Psalms out of his mouth which were not only sweet to wipe clean the tears of the toddle but were also enlightening to filling up with smiles the old lady that was sitting afar off watching steadily. When the pastor did realize such great silence, he all of a sudden stopped speaking and no sooner had he stopped than loud cries from another child were heard, sobbing too loud to reach the attention of his own father. Since the father (Pastor) was overseeing this other toddler, he sent me to find out and see what was the other son was crying for. When the child saw me coming, the loud cries subsided and got hold of my hand to lead me to the place that had caused him great trouble. He intimated unto me that the builders were resisting him to make his contribution to the work of his father yet he had provided materials (there was a particular extension that was being made to a particular building which was at most like a church building). When I did come closer to see what work he had done, he had orderly placed sticks/wood horizontally in the excavated foundation to act as iron bars and this is when I woke up from my sleep.

We were in a space, a hallway,

We were in a space, a hallway, it was white, parts of the floor had turquoise tiles... I don't know exactly why we were there, but you were standing by the corner, I approached you from behind. When you turned around your eyes were filled with tears. You put your back against the wall, slid down to the floor. My eyes swelled with tears, we didn't say anything at the time but I picked you up, sat in a chair and we held each other. I tried consoling you but I could barely hold back my own tears. Eventually we left whatever place that was and we got on the train. You rested your head on my shoulder, then looked into my eyes. You said " I'm sorry" then I said " No, I'm sorry, I should've gotten there faster" the I woke up.... I don't know what it means but it's been on my mind all day.


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