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I was dating someone else but I

I was dating someone else but I wasn't really attracted to him and he was annoying. We had sex in a theater and people were video taping us which I wasn't okay with but I basically had to force him to stop because he wanted to keep going. He was annoying in so many ways and I was confused because I kept thinking that I thought I had been super attracted to him before (my dream was thinking of you I think) but he disgusted me and he was an asshole. I was having trouble figuring out if I should break up with him because I was super unhappy but didn't know if it was because of my OCD or if I really didn't like him

Me and my friends were at like

Me and my friends were at like this large mall/building/convention/place. IDK it was more like a mall. And I was buying a new wig and I had a tough time pulling out my money. I pulled out half of the amount I needed. It was four dollars but I needed eight. Me and my friends were laughing because I was being slow. Earlier there was an announcement that somebody got murdered. Everyone was in remorse. But when I was putting my money up a lady burst in and started yelling. She said to stay calm but the murders were on the same floor we were. I dropped my wig and money and ran up the stairwell with my dad. We hid in the rows of a movie theater. He wanted to go in the back while I wanted to go in the middle. When he was going to the back there was this one Natsu cosplayer who mumbled that he was one of the killers. He was in the middle of the theater, really close to me and he had a long gun. I yelled at my dad to come with me. A few other people heard so they scattered as well. I ran up and down the stares wandering around and I lost my dad. That thought pondered in my head but I didn't do anything. I went to a stairwell which took me down. It was most empty. I passed a guy who has harassed me in the past so I just glared at him. I ended up passing the murders. Apparently there was more than one and this time it was a girl. There were five. There were five ropes leading down a hole. I made it outside and it was night time. I was jumping off of things and running. There were people on patrol but everybody seemed as dead as zombies. People on bikes, people on foot, people anywhere. They were trying to catch people who were living and especially me. Before I woke up I saw a blank grey face, for some reason i want to say she was female. She had children on chains and collars. They were following her in a sloppy line which was supposed to be straight. They were chanting, "this is why you never go outside" and a few people on bikes saw me and froze and then peddled after me. they were grey as well. everyone's skin was grey except for mine.

Had another weird dream last night... It

Had another weird dream last night... It started with relief society we were all camping out in this building thing and it was around general conference and they told us to pick our spots and get ready to watch general conference with our spouses. Then I sat down on our air mattress that had a quilt on it feeling like we got the best spot . then the room filled up with everyone's families and water came in and started rising they said anyone who tries to swim up or anything will be stuffed. And it was like a worse death than actually drowning because they would shove like a pillow or material down your throat. And it was worse because it meant your soul wouldn't have access to anywhere else. Anyway, there was a few people that tried to swim up and someone threw a rock at them and knocked them out and they sunk again, when they did they landed in a auditorium chair. And we're viewing everything from the side. So there are rows of these chairs just like jn a movie theater and we can see everything as if youre next to it. I'm still sitting in the same spot. The water hasn't reached us yet for some reason but I told mike something definitely wasn't right. Then it turned out that this was a monthly event. Where families and couples were selected and had to participate. And considered it an honor. Some people drugged their kids to prevent them from floating up however instinctually the kids knew and so one girl she had a knife and cut through this body thing she was in to try and survive even though she was drugged. She could hardly move and just had a blank face. So the dad took the razr knife thing and threw it away from them. Then picked up her baby brother. And started peeling off his eyelid. The kid wasn't even bothered just uncomfortable I assume he was drugged too. Then mike stood up and said we still have to finish something before we participate that it was wish not that he agreed but it was the only thing they honored. What he told them was we had to finish remodelling our bathroom Lol. They let us know. Our house was like in this super clear lake like a little lake house surrounded by trees. Anyway he bathroom finished. Ppl came for us telling u we need to participate. Then something about these dolls who only have a limited lifespan as well to coincide with these regulations. It was sad and kinda creepy..

Well, it started off in my kitchen.

Well, it started off in my kitchen. I asked my butler Chef Pee Pee to make me some waffles. Later, I was at a theater with a greek mythology. My best friend from India Sunil was Perseus. Pepper Clark was princess Andromeda. Madame pom was Medusa. Sharukh was Poseidon

I was in a movie theater to

I was in a movie theater to see a movie with my friend but they were charging us inside. I couldn't pay so I decided to leave since I already seen it, but my friend hasn't seen it. I spotted some other friends inside and made him seat with them and I left. Then I was somewhere else and I had to walk a very far road but it didn't seem far at the end. Last I was in my room with some friends and I opened the door to find a baby wearing a diaper by himself I thought he wasn't going to come to the house buy he walked and came inside. He was funny looking and he wanted to bite people as he was developing little teeth. Then inside the house another baby showed up and it was not human , it was an alien baby with big black eyes. I woke up after that

I was walking to the movie theater.

I was walking to the movie theater. It was late evening, but the sun was still out. There were a lot of people still in the parking lot but once I got inside the theater everyone was gone. No one was at concession stand so I made my own popcorn and went into theater and began watching the previews.

Dark, entirely dark. in a bed with

Dark, entirely dark. in a bed with a boy, naked perhaps, another comes in and interrupts, reading their text messages. invasive. i feel like im in love. later i find myself in a sort of library, a college perhaps, where many are gathered in the halls. I anxiously await to see him again, where is he? does he even go here? someone passes me a blue flier, some of the text is blackened, scribbled out, but i notice his name written on the paper, on the performance lineup. later gathered in the auditorium / theater, we find each other again, his arm around the back of my chair and silent awkward lovestruck glances at each other followed my nervous bubbly giggles. his big brown eyes.

I was with my friend Lila watching

I was with my friend Lila watching a history documentary about Egypt then we walked out of this thing that was like an old fashioned movie theater and watched another film in a identical theater then we left instead of a row of different theaters we were a huge kinda walmart looking store but just filled with apples and they all had fancy names then we were walking by the apples and she looked at me with a look of confusion like something was wrong then I woke up

My dream I know not what it

My dream I know not what it means For some reason, I leave work in the afternoon without telling anyone because I intend to be back quickly - but I keep getting delayed. I run into two young women walking. They don't see the impending tornado zooming toward them. I don't tell them or call their attention to the other people nearby who are scurrying to get away. I am somewhat relieved, as I pass them, to note that even though they are somewhat nerdy and plain looking, they have enough sense to put a jacket on. The one is sharing the navy blue jacket with the other - kind of draping it over her shoulders too. To my relief, the tornado does not hit where I am but goes to the outer banks and does lots of damage. I remember thinking that my life could have been so different if the tornado had not turned because a big tsunami could have formed and I was very close to the shore. How nice it would be to soak up the water and let myself enjoy the beach, but I know I have to get back to work I continue my walk and find myself in an empty theater foyer where the person who wrote and produced the movie is there for its first showing. No one but me is there to watch it. And I was just there by accident. I think I tell him that and he wants me to stay but I can't because I have to get back to work. But then other people start arriving to see the film and I am vastly relieved and slip out without being noticed. I continue on my way back to work and am increasingly agitated that I keep getting way laid and diverted. I try running, but it still does not feel like my body is going fast enough or that I am making much progress though my limbs are moving in a running motion. I get on an elevator and there are two men and one woman. The woman pushes the button to get us moving, but instead the floor folds up around our feet and we grab on to these dangling pieces of cloth to prevent from going down the elevator shaft. I know not to look down the shaft because then I will be really frightened I don't think it will help but lo and behold I start screaming as loud as I can and, miraculously, she and I end up outside of the elevator in a hall where there are other people. I watch the floor of the elevator go from its curled position and turn into a cradle. It is yellow in color with a brown edge. The other woman leaves to go to a bris and I leave to go back to work. Since I have been gone so long, I decide to just take the time I was gone and subtract it from my overtime so I don’t feel guilty about being gone so much longer than I thought I would be. And because it was under 4 hours, it would not qualify for sick time.