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on a sail boat with family in

on a sail boat with family in the ocean a powerful storm came(at night) with huge tidal waves crashing and spinning my boat all around tidal wave after tidal wave some 20 or 30 feet tall hit the boat and flipped and rolled it over as water was pouring i had only 10 sec to take a breath as we rolled over and over gasped for air only letting a small amount out and taking in water to my lungs as we turned up right and the water drained out i could see light but the storm was not over yet so i ran out side to try and secure my boat with a friend the tidal waves kept on coming and finely one knock me way away from my boat and family when i realized what had happen i looked up and saw the biggest one yet a 100 footer and i look around for a safe place and just saw tidal waves all around so i ran into a out house ( bathroom) with the friend and waited for the impact when it all changed im now stepping out the shower and drying off like i just got finished with my shower and everything is bright and sunny and my family is there and every is telling me that ever thing is going to be ok then i realized that non of us had made it threw the storm we had all died