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It is dark and I am in

It is dark and I am in a very desolate neighborhood. I am looking for some children. I find them sitting with an old black man on a bench. I can see his teeth really well. He is holding the three children. I get two away from him. Ths toddler runs away as a get it from the grasp of the man. The older child and I are shouting for the child to come back. I realize I can't get the third chid and turn to run after the child who ran away. He is caught and taken away by a tiger.

I was in the classroom and a

I was in the classroom and a muscular white tiger walked off stage towards me. He was on a big long chain. He got to me and asked what size shirt I wear. When he was walking towards me I was nervous. But when he looked at my tag and saw that I was wearing a small and noticed I was telling the truth he seemed to take a liking towards me. I wasn’t nervous and I started to relax and talk to the white tiger. Then he left one of his sharp teeth inside my shirt tag and then smiled at me.