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I went in for a check-up at

I went in for a check-up at the Hospital. It was my mom, my baby sister, and my older sister in the room with me. The nurse comes in and starts to do the normal procedures done at a check-up. Then she measures my blood pressure with a sphygmomanometer and makes a face as if something is off. So then she hooks me up to a different type of sphygmomanometer, the one used for pregnant ladies. She freaks out and pushes me back on the bed and picks up her intercom phone and calls all the Cardiovascular surgeons to the room immedeately. But I am in no pain what so ever. Doctors come rushing in and before i can even process what is happening, i'm rushed to the surgery room. My mom and sisters don't know what is going on either. Then they send my sisters and i to a room that we would be staying in for a few days. The weird thing is, it looks exactly like the inside of our house. except the only lights on are the ones from the television. My older sister is just on the cuch watching Tv, and i have my baby sister in my arms while i walk around searching for my mom. i figure she is with the doctors discussing what is going on. I decide just to go into any room that had light, the rest of the hospital was dark. So everytime I went through a door there was always some other door with light in it. I kept following them, when finally i reach a door that I can hear voices from. I crack the door open just enough to where I can sneak a peak of what is going on. I overhear the Doctors discussing wth my mom that I will need a heart transplant. Then they show her the heart. It's purple and it is glowing, then i see her carrying it in her bare hand while it beats. I think to myself, "Oh alright.", it didn't phase me at all. Then i go back to the room with my sister. All of a sudden my best friend Cheyenne is there on her iPod watching Tv with my sister. It feels like a normal day. Then my little sister just isn't there anymore neither is Cheyenne. I walk to my room, lay on my bed, and start to text all my friends saying that if i die i love them. After i send the message, i pace back and forth in the hallway, anxious for my mom to come back. I ask my older sister where she is and she doesn't know. I assume she is still with the doctors, but it's been a while. Then My mom walks in, i can hear the sound of her heels and her car keys. I ask where she was and she said she was picking up people frome my friend Tatianna's house. Then i was confused and mad at the same time, so i said, "Are you serious?". With a hurt feeling in my chest. Then she said that the world didn't revolve around me and that she had other things to get done. I Started Sobbing and said, "Well I just thought i neded you, since apparently i need a heart transplant." then i woke up crying, right next to my mom.