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My friend and I were in math

My friend and I were in math class, and we snuck outside. She found a body in the dumpster, and I ran back inside to get the librarian, Mr. LeGrys. I told him that he's the only one that I could ever count on, and he came outside, then he promptly took us away in his green convertible car to his house. He undressed my friend and I and he started having sex with her, and while I cuddled with him, every time he reached down to touch my vagina, I shied away. When he was done having sex with her, she left, and we made out for a little while before I got dressed and wandered around his house that was full of books and loose papers. His ex-wife dropped his daughter off, and we played the piano a little, and then I tucked her into bed after agreeing that I'd be her mother and her father would always be there for her (and for me), and then I went back to Mr. LeGrys so that I could kiss him again.

I had a nightmare and tried to

I had a nightmare and tried to wake up by saying the Lord's prayer. I woke up and went back to sleep. I was half asleep when my friend tried to undress me and have sex with me. I see his eyes shift up and behind me. I realize someone is watching and start screaming and yelling at everyone. I start throwing things and smashing everything. I walk out of the room to see someone holding a camcorder. I knock it out of their hand. I'm yelling at the top of my lungs. I wake up from my dream and feel frightened. I am scared. I try to go back asleep and a different friend is in bed with me comforting me about what happened. My friend and I are cuddling. I can't talk because my mouth is so dry from yelling in my previous dream or situation. My friend tries to give me water but is poking the top with his finger. I tell him to quiet down so my mom doesn't hear him. My brother wakes up and tells me that my mom could probably hear me. I tell my brother that I am freaking out because of my previous nightmares. My brother tells me that I am in a nightmare right then. I start yelling "no" and I woke up from my dream.

I was going to pick son up

I was going to pick son up from playing and I ran into a childhood and we began talking and getting undressed and my son walked into the room and said mom I know you not going to have sex with him in a furious manner. He left the room and I told him to get a condom and he left and can back with it and we had sex. Then we went out where the kids were playing in the water and we joined them and we were going counter clockwise in the water having fun. Then it went to a scene where I was in bed and a snake came over my head and I pulled the blanket over my head.

I was with a couple of my

I was with a couple of my girl friend's we were just hanging out and I got warm, I really needed to change out of the blue dress I was in and I had a yellow sundress that was much lighter and cooler to wear, so I change out of the blue dress and one of my friends helps me put the yellow dress on, I raise my arms and she starts placing it over my arms and head but as she's placing it over my head and I'm reaching my arms in, from nowhere there is now layers and layers of fabric and my arms and head are now stuck and I'm trying to let her know but no one hears me, then the fabric starts to suffocate me and I can't breathe, I'm trying to move and nothing is working, no one notices I'm struggling and suffocating and so I try to stomp my feet but nothing, it's like no one is even there and I can't continue any longer without a breath and I wake up gasping

I had a dream about being in

I had a dream about being in the bathroom nude and then a younger boy came in and knew who I was and thought nothing about me standing there naked. After he used the toilet he undressed himself and we both got into the bathtub as I bathed him. He then got out and came back with an even younger boy of another race and both got back into the tub nude with me as I continued to clean them up.