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I dreamed that I was renting a

I dreamed that I was renting a room in an apartment. I had a female roommate with blonde hair. I had my Maltese dog; Lucy with me. The roommate didn't like my dog and complained to the landlady that my dog was urinating and pooping all over the house. She was lying. Lucy was wagging her tail every time she saw me. The landlady came to tell me to give away my dog. She went to show me where Lucy had pooped in the kitchen. I picked up the feces and they were brownies. I showed the landlady this and told her that the other blonde roommate was lying and was trying to get rid of me and the dog. A friend of mine appeared in the dream and she was renting a room there as well. She made plans with the blonde haired lady and I tried to warn her that the blonde roommate was dishonest and was trying to have me evicted. She went into the bathroom and started to wash her hair while I was trying to explain everything to her. She was ignoring me. The blonde roommate came out to confront me and I started to choke her. She turned into a metal doll. She wasn't real.