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I was sitting at a table talking

I was sitting at a table talking to a few people and my 4 year old son came over .I asked where his daddy was but he did not answer. I said I really don't like u wandering off alone. I decided to go look for my husband and ended up in a wooded area but just outside the woods was a gathering of people where I was just prior to the woods. I wanted to head back but a pack of white wolves appeared pacing back and forth I don't believe they wanted to hurt me yet they would not let me me through but started walking slowly toward me then a lady appeared just before the wolves and seemed frightned I shouted do not run walk my son about slipped away from me a few steps ahead and I told him come to me now he sort of laughed but I was able to grab him and hold him in my arms I was not sure if these wolves were dangerous but they did not appear to be yet I needed to get away from them. All of a sudden a loud noise and a really bright light came in the miss of the trees and a voice you are safe as a lady opened a gate to let me I I said thankuou and I just sat down holding my son in relief

a character from a book i am

a character from a book i am currently reading came into my room while i was asleep. he crowled onto my bed so he was positioned on top of me. when he did this, i woke up and twisted around and in the action i flung him so i was on top of him. i held his hands down, even though he was sort of muscular and i knew he was stronger than me. then i asked who he was and he aid his name. then at the same time we said the organization he was from. i let him up and we sat on the edge of the bed. i knew if the organization sent him then something was bad. he told me i dont have normal blood and i needed to go with him to get my blood tested. i asked what i would do about my parents and he said he would take care of that. i was beggining to pack my stuff when i saw he had a troubled look on his face. then three wolves came into the room. he tried to protect me but then i was watching this scene unfols from a third person view. my eyes started glowing bright white and i skillfuly killed the wolves. my eyes stopped glowing. he looked at me in wonder and awe. i felt my knees go weak and as i fell he caught me and carried me out of my house and i felt mushy inside as he was carrying me. then i woke up for real.

Sometimes I start outside and other times

Sometimes I start outside and other times inside. Sometimes the locations are familiar, other times new places. Things are always peaceful, then I get nervous. Afterwards, I see a wolf. Next, I run inside, or, if outside, to a safe location, i.e., a high tree. Then, an endless attack of wolves start to try to reach me. They keep attacking the front door, windows, chimney, and any opening until they break through. Lastly I end in the closet, and after they break through, their bight awakes me in fear.