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Verytime i watch a horror movie i

Verytime i watch a horror movie i always falling into the glass there's someone running behind my back then i dont know why i running too because i panic. When i entered a room just like im in hospital. Then i saw a little girl in the bed i talk to her but they try to push me in the building im trying to stop her . Why you want to push me who you? I said to her but she did not response the face is like familiar im trying to recognize her i failed its blurred the girl is full of emotion anger i can feel it . But i know that she is a ghost we still fighting again and again she push me into the window outside the building and while im falling down i can see the pieces of glass slomotion i can feel like an astronaut. I cant believed it. Its like a magic , like a real in life my question in my mind why did not ever get injured its imposible my body has no wounds but i can feel my heartbeat is too fast i know its not a real i wake up in the middle of the night my heartbeat is just the same the im trying to calm my body and i got a tears in my eyes.

Bicycling with my dad and his friend

Bicycling with my dad and his friend in my hometown and my friend's tire goes flat when a big group of bicyclists comes by. I recognize both bicyclists as high school friends and coworkers. We wait for friend to get new tube from group and dad's friend asks me about bicycling and I tell him about previous trips and he asks about jiu jitsu and we start wrestling. He has an open wound on his arm from surgery and stitches and it starts bleeding so we stop: there is a fat kid eating French fries and the ketchup is dripping onto a piano keyboard on the floor.

Standing in a nice white country house

Standing in a nice white country house and looking through the window to see loads of people in and outside the house, suddenly I hear multiple gun shots and I am tackled to the ground to hide by the window sill. We run through the house as I see people running through the fields on the grounds of the country house/ I run outside onto the decking to hear more shots being fired and people running away. I run towards where people are running from and see someone I know running past me away from the scene. I then stop to help my maths teacher as she has a wound on her leg. I place my hands on a black hole filled with a thick red liquid than when pressed on pours like paint.

I had a dream in which there

I had a dream in which there was a man who was in trouble with the law for kidnapping a little boys. he held him hostage, but in the end he was caught and for some reason I was part of the search and capture of him and ended up sitting in the back of the police car after the man had been arrested and for some reason we had a really good emotional talk. The next thing I remember is I had been in for a surgery on my heart. My boyfriend and brother were there and I had already been released from hospital , but was taking it easy. There was a wound on my chest where they went in surgically and I found in the dream there was some discomfort in my chest.

I was in the woods running frim

I was in the woods running frim a dinosaur and i was woundering why i couldnt run right or imagine a sword to appear