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I dreamed I told my pastor and

I dreamed I told my pastor and his son I no longer wanted to do a ministry program because they always do it last minute. I also said that when his son yelled at my mom that negatively impacted my family and I began to cry. Then the pastors son started to cry. Soon after I felt triumphant and my youth pastor drove me and two others to a store. We went to get a watermelon. The scene switched and now I was walking waiting to be picked up to go to the beach. But there was a severe sand storm. I finally arrived at a theme park and I was doing a tour. Some people freaked out because there was a huge spider and someone stepped on it.

Me and my youth group are sitting

Me and my youth group are sitting in a store watching Tv and we tell our youth leader not too touch the wood and then she does and she gets trap in a mirror and is getting beaten

The first thing I can remember from

The first thing I can remember from my dream was walking down the hallway in our house, (My grandparents, mother, younger sister and I all live together) and entering my room that I share with my sister. She was on her bed squirming around and making strange noises. When she looked at me, her eyes were fireballs. I ran out to tell my mother, who quickly ran outside and started the car. She told me to come with her, but I told her I needed to make sure Grandma and Grandpa were out first. When I went into their room, I saw my grandmother on her bed with a small black, almost kangaroo-like creature touching her. She was on fire. I then ran outside and joined my mom in the car. The next thing I remember from the dream is being inside a building with my mom and sister, the same one who was "possessed"? earlier. I don't know how we met up with her and I don't know how we got to this building. It was almost like a small castle. We walked down a hall and found a room with a wooden door, and locked ourselves inside. Then, my mom told us that the locks only work every other hour. After sitting in the room for a while, hoping the locks would keep us safe, we heard the door rattle a little, and then it opened. A very large bald man walked in and started approaching us, and my mom said, "uh oh". He stood in front of us, then leaned down and kissed my sister on the forehead, then did the same to my mom, and then to me. Although I was dreaming, I physically felt this and it was as if something was going through me; like he laid a curse on us. Then he picked up my mom and sister, one in each arm. He told me that my sister was a goddess of youth and that my mom was one of beauty. Then, looking me straight in the eye, he said, "someone special wants to see you". He emphasized the word "you". As soon as he finished these words, I woke up. Some extra information if it helps... I am 16, my sister is 14, and my mother is 50. I was at a friend's house when this dream occurred and I received some bad news shortly before having it.

I was at school just wandering around.

I was at school just wandering around. Chelsea the person from our Youth and Family waster. I saw Mr. Cap who was a special ed teacher, A bunch of people were doing different things. I was in the hallway. Ms. Flaming, the school secretary, was injured. Her leg was folded backwards and in a cast. I was at one of ballroom dance competitions in Las Vegas. The building the competition was held in was a hospital. My grandmother was laying there in a bed because I found out she was in a bomb accident. Ms. Flaming waist the bed next to her. My grandmother was fine. She told me about the accident and how there was this guy who had a suitcase in there hospital room. He put the suitcase in a spot and later on it exploded. She said this without concern. My grandmother had explained this situation with a random suitcase. I got nervous and thought it would explode. We had to go say goodbye my dance instructor. In the ballroom, I saw him, and hugged him then left. My grandparents and I were in a car and then I realized I left my phone in my grandmother's hospital room. They were both ok with it and said we could turn around, but I was so nervous that we were going to get bombed. Fast forward....... We were in the car in a city, kind of like New Haven, CT. I'm pretty sure I thought I was in Las Vegas though. When I left to get into a car, it warlike leaving an airport

Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America

Weird dream I'm stuck in 1950's America with a band of well-dressed misfit college students. The group roams the dry, desolate earth during what seems to be the end of the world. We're staying at an abandoned gas station with a broken down car wash and an old barn/church building. Time lapse I'm with the young ladies of the church/barn at a youth meeting and I feel my stomach rumble. Because of this the older lady leading the group made me do what she called a pregnancy test in front of everyone. This involved taking a bottle of my urine and pouring it over a piece of sliced ham and adding chemicals. I remember thinking "I don't need to worry about hiding anything in front of them, this is a place I can be honest". Time lapse Of course, like any weird plot, I am pregnant but this youth leader in all of her "medical wisdom" says I'm too weak physically to have the child. The solution she came up with was to take it out and put in in my dad (who was somehow there) for the remainder of gestation and then cut it out of him. Time lapse So we try this procedure and my dad is pregnant with my (and heaven knows who's) child. Time lapse Somehow (I'm assuming something went wrong with the leader's terrible medical plan) I'm the one who's pregnant again. Time lapse Though I can't remember seeing the actual event, I'm crying because I lost the baby because my body was too weak to handle it. Time lapse I'm sitting on the curb of the gas station playing with the dry dirt under my feet and contemplate going into the barn and being with people or staying where I am alone with my emotions, hoping someone will reach out and be with me Alarm clock goes off and ends the dream

Girl broke something i said something about

Girl broke something i said something about my youth and she turned into a rabbit and hopped in my arms a car blew up right beside me a big blind horse and i attached a penus to myself

However, the moves were dropped a week

However, the moves were dropped a week ago after intervention from Tony Abbott, the prime minister, who opposed segregation.Leather jackets, red sports cars and Ibiza chill-out playlists are no longer indicators of a male midlife crisis, as modern fortysomethings reject these clichés for the “cooler” aspects of their longforgotten youth. Nike Free Run Femme

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was at a theme park with people at stage two youth theatre and also Howard who Ia my friends friends friend. so in the dream I broke a drop tower hurt a little boy saw a kidnapped girl Madeline mcanne and discussed the physics of a rollercoaster. I then chatted with an old friend I hate.