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my mom, my sister, and I would

my mom, my sister, and I would take a trip up to some cabin onto of a hill surrounded by forest. Us three would get settled into the cabin and then my mom would tell me to go out and grab some firewood. Every time on the way back to the cabin I would see one wolf coming up through the driveway growling at me and then all of the sudden I would be surrounded by a bunch of wolves with no way out. Then my dad comes barreling down the driveway and to the cabin to save the day. Everytime he takes my place and somehow I am able to get away from the wolves. The first time I had the dream my dad shot all of the wolves and we were safe. The second time he didn’t shoot them, but was somehow able to scare them all away. And the last time I had the dream, my dad sent my sister and I to the nearby village, but when we were finally able to get help and get back my dad was dead. I haven’t had the dream since.

on 01 25 2017 coming out of

on 01 25 2017 coming out of minor surgery I heard the Spirit of GOD say to me" Steven is yours" pause then "month end" Steven and I had decided to go separate ways, we would see each other in the local stores, speak keep going, Finally Steven called me end of December 2017 and wanted to go to dinner, we have been seeing each off an on , I think I'm in love with him, he is not there yet, Monday this week, I dreamed of a naked man in back of me, then i saw this man all in my face more of my nose, like he was trying to put something in my nose, then this man an d I were together ,this time it was Steven, there was so much love between us then this lady ask me are you #1 , she then said Maxine told me

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I was walking or running away from

I was walking or running away from something or someone and then this black guy comes towards me and says something along the lines of I'm not following you and going towards my friend's house and he does. So I have my phone in my pocket and make a run for it holding my phone in my pocket. And somehow I end up on a plane and we were going on a felid trip to San Bernardino but it looked like Los Angeles mixed with Chicago. We were pretty close to the buildings. And then we head back to school without even landing in LA. It was a very bright day and the plane was actually next to the school. and so I kinda walk happily towards home.

driving down the interstate with a coworker.

driving down the interstate with a coworker. it was a nice day people out swimming and fishing. then it started raining and the interstate started flooded. people was swimming and surfing on the side of the interstate. then a huge fish came out the water and stood up. rain stopped fast. then weather went crazy raining, hailing, lightning,winds. the interstate flooded again and this time i couldnt see the people so i thought they were gone when i started feeling bumps and hearing noises. i was running over people and killed them. i went to crying and freaking out.