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In a public restroom, came out and

In a public restroom, came out and some man was trying to break the lock off of my bicycle to steal it. I told him I would sell it to him, that it wasn't expensive, but I wanted to call my husband to see if forty dollars was an ok amount to sell it to him for. I was then trying to ride the bike, but I kept needing things to get it going; I didn't have socks on then I didn't have shoes on, it was muddy, there were a lot of people in the way, etc. Lots of obstacles to begin getting the bicycle going.

i had a young daughter who was

i had a young daughter who was very talkative but couldn't even walk yet, a man in a car held my aunt at gun point and i saw this and started to run to the nearby police station but then he caught up with me and i was very afraid and then all of a sudden i became this super brave person and i beat him up and then carried him to the police station and then realized that he was actually a police officer and i spoke to the top of my voice that anytime this ever happened again i would deal with him then i left the station and this woman gave me $200 dollars that she took from me and then i gave her back $100 soon i ended up on this lonely dusty road and then i came out the other side to a very wealthy area with beautiful houses

in my dream, i woke up on

in my dream, i woke up on my futon but couldn't move, and i'm yelling to myself to wake up, wake up. eventually i stood up and continued yelling to myself to wake up. People then were in my living room and i was telling them that i need to wake up, i need to wake. then it was like they were tring to take my to get help because i kept yelling that i needed to wake up. The scene changed and i was outside, and more people from a soap opera i watched were in the scene and i yelled to them, i need to wake up, i'm sleeping. the scene changed again and i was outside in the snow with a friend of mine and he said "go find andy's house" so i'm looking for andy's house, and i get to his house but it's a different family. So i continue searching, but now i'm in my firend's car and he said i called him saying i was lost. I told him again, that i needed to wake up. I was then back in my apartment, crying and telling myself that i need to wake up and then this big man or voice said to me that i can't wake up until i fix the house i broke. then a small dollhouse appeared and there was a broken window, so i keep trying to fix it. finally i fix it and i wake up