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i dreamed that i went to some

i dreamed that i went to some place and as i was coming back home i was attacked by robbers who took my purse. after taking my purse one of them wanted to rape me so i pleaded and then he stopped. he started asking me questions and all of a sudden he pulled out a gun and shot me through my head but i was breathing whiles lying down .In some minutes i felt his hand moving around my body and he was saying you will be revived, you will be fine. when i became conscious, i saw all the robbers gathered around me and they had pity on so one of them asked if he can give me his complementary card but i said no. there was another one who warned me not to inform the police.one of them also ask them to bring my purse because they have taken lots of bags and other things.he brought mine and i woke up in real life. am very scared.

I am going on a field trip

I am going on a field trip with a bunch of classmates. We get to the building (some kind of school) where we are going to apparently be partnered with young kids and do activities with them like swimming (there is a pool). I see my college professor. We are all going to listen to a concert by the younger kids, and the theater revolves. The seats are rubbery. There is a cute little girl my boyfriend and I laugh at affectionately. But abruptly the concert stops and the kids all scatter. We find out we can't mentor the kids because another group is already there mentoring them. I try to find my friends and end up in a claustrophobic place. Finally I get to a deck made of golden wood, and one of my friends' (Kelly's) friends tells me I have to go back and get something they forgot. But Kelly and the other girl will just be playing video games. She doesn't ask politely, and I try to hint at her to ask me politely but she doesn't get it. I get angry and tell her off. My professor sees. We go to a house (a beautiful house that is just a little messy) where Kelly is staying with another family, and the friend gets told off but I feel bad and apologize. We go back to the theater; this time the theater is golden wood in places. A shooter comes into the theater and everyone runs frantically; I am separated from my boyfriend and am calling out to him, panicked because I'm scared he will be killed. I end up in a golden wooden classroom with some kids and a teacher but one of the locks on the closet is broken. I run outside and see one of my friends come in with a gun, followed by the shooter. She shoots him in the head. I call out that my friend (Fleur) has saved the day and everyone cheers. Then I wake up.

I was with this guy, don't know

I was with this guy, don't know who he is. But he had a brother that had a gun and was trying to shoot me. He succeeded and shot me 3 times before I went under the deck. Then the place switched into being in my red shed. The guy I was with was there and same with his brother that was trying to shoot me. For some reason we turned our backs to him and the brother grabbed a glass bottle and tried to hit it over my head but the guy I was with caught him and took the bottle and threw it away. I had this dream before but the guy I was with hit it over his head and kills his own brother. For some reason, in the that time, I turn the the guy I was with and that very conversation with him, he knew I was talking about my other dream in the same dream. Then the scene changed again, and my brother was the one with the gun. I tackled him, took the gun away and carried him on my shoulders. I was crying and was yelling at my brother that he ruined our family. Then there was a plane the gun shots I had took over and I fell. The guy I was with ran to catch me and told me everything will be fine. It went black and those words echoed in my head. Then I woke up from my dream. Don't know if this helps but I am a girl.