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So I was in a room with

So I was in a room with a little girl in a pretty spakly blue dress, I was beathing heavily and scared but I told the little girl "Were going to get out, it'll be alright!" she was rocking back and forth shaking her thick black hair. I started scratching around the room looking for escape, then my eyes widened "we'll never get out!" the little girl screamed "For I am terror and your a coward!" she screamed even louder "we're going to die in here!" I wailed I turned to see the little girls face she pulled out her eyes and she was bleeding through her sockets, then her jaw dropped and she let out an ear defening scream she leapt at me and ripped out my neck. I died in terror.

in my dream i was wrestling a

in my dream i was wrestling a crocodile in the water, i was trying to hold its mouth shut but it was very strong. i found a cable and wrapped it around its mouth to hold it shut. then it scratched me on my right arm and it was swelling very fast and my mom was there and she told me i had to cut the area to keep out infection. she handed me a scalpel and told me to cut to large letter Es and a large letter F into my arm and i did and the swelling went down.