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I had a dream one time where

I had a dream one time where I went to this water park with my friend named Jermaine he went to CCR with me and a whole bunch of other random people and there was all these like super dangerous rides and I was scared to ride them but the like counselor person told us it was for a contest against some other people at the water park thing so I was like whatever I'll do it and there was this thing where there was like a giant lake and there was a boat in the middle of it with buckets on it and your team had to throw the balloons and make it into the buckets on the boat that was like a mile away from us and I knew I wasn't gonna make it so I threw the balloon and it didn't even get close so this lady came up behind me and poured a giant tub of like yellow goo on me and I screamed and ran to the bathroom and tried to wash it off but when I got to the door there was this big group of girls and I didn't want to go in there so I walked around to see if I could find another bathroom but when I was walking around this guy like picked me up and took me up like a thousand stairs and strapped me to a chair for a ride or something and he went over to like a control panel thing and pressed a button and I went like flying through the sky in the chair and it just kept going backwards not down but just backwards for a really long time and then I woke up

In my dream michelle and anthony we're

In my dream michelle and anthony we're chanting as they were coming closer towards me. I was laying on the ground and looked up to see they're both carrying a glass looking object with sharp pointy ends. Inside looked like an oily glass Next I was sitting in what appeared to be a den around a tabke with many others that I don't recognize . they were chanting around me. I became freaked out and ran out of the house. I looked around to see the night sky and every house on the block was dark with no street lights on. I screamed for help and tried to knock on doors but nobody answered. All of a sudden a white truck comes towards me attempting to run me over. That's when I awoke from that awful nightmare. I awoke at 2 am unable to fall asleep right away in fear that I would fall back into it.

i was on a plane with my

i was on a plane with my buddy toucan, but toucan looked like my other friend Michelle, and we were gonna fly to delaware bc toucan had some family reunion or something going on, and i was along for the ride. I was supposed to fly to delaware with her and then call my mom n dad. We were flying, when we openednoir laptops and started chatting over skype?? We plugged our laptops into these power outlets on the plane. Some people were yelling at us for being too loud?? We then land back in Pennsylvania, in a random street bc its too stormy to fly suddenly. Our piolet, who looks like my bus driver, nearly hits this kid dinah i know. We all get out of the plane. I run across the street to this nearby hotel / apartment complex. I tell the clerk about our situation, and ask for rooms. He frowns and tells me there is no rooms open, and hes sorry. I run back outside and tell everyone else there isn't anymore rooms for us to dtay in before i wake up.