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there was a war up in the

there was a war up in the hills with people trying to kill me, so a sloth (who was kind of a master yoda like figure) gave me a special sword that was poisoned so all you had to do was scratch the attacker with it and it would kill them, which was good because i'm really bad at swords and this probably saved my life. although at the end of the dream when we were walking down the road towards the war, I had to say goodbye to the sloth because it couldn't go with us any further. I offered to take the top off it's water bottle so that it could collect rain water so that it wouldn't die of thirst and it told me that that was a good idea. then i left the sloth and continued down the road but the dream ended.

I was driving my car alone at

I was driving my car alone at night on the transcanada highheading east to Calgary. I was in the far right lane that was next to a merging lane which was about to merge, next to a white truck and ambulance. Just as the merge lane opened up a semi that had a deck but no load on it came into view. All of a sudden the ambulance cut in front of me and I slammed on my brakes but started to slide because roads were Icy so I put my foot on the gas and swerved around the ambulance causing the ambulance to crash into the truck and then I kept speeding along causing other cars to crash and only getting hit once. Total of 7 cars in the pile up. I slowly slowed down on the side of the road and parked. I didn't even have a scratch. The tow truck driver arrived and put my car in a box and said he was putting it in his truck to get scrapped it was totalled. He pointed to the passenger side in the front and said there's the damage but nothing was there. All of a sudden my family came (my cousin roma, her two brothers and her parents) up behind the tow truck driver with their car and started asking if I was alright. They drove me to where they were staying in Calgary to spend the night. We got there and it was a scary part of town, probably 100 ppl sleeping outside and we had to wait outside for half an hour for someone to wake up. We got inside and I took my clothes off and we all went to bed in the living room. All of a sudden for no reason I got ushered out of the house and ran down the street naked after my oldest cousin Joe. Ppl were trying to chase me so everybody on "our side" took out guns and then started to chase them to distract them. Then we arrived where it looked like exactly the same place we had just left.