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I was beating up my ex boyfriend

I was beating up my ex boyfriend girlfriend. I grabbed her arm and scratched it too. I was thinking about beating her up because i was jealous. I cant help it because i still love him.

A small snake bite my fingures am

A small snake bite my fingures am shoked then go to more no of hospital no one gv me the medicine.i fell guddines that time one person came and scratch my fingures and take out the poison

Railings murderer sea brick wall old man

Railings murderer sea brick wall old man palm trees dark red sofa wet sand ice skates running pier lift sci-fi underwater crash dark voice echo wedding china duck stranger scratch light grass ceiling time 15 clock grave portal colors swimming

The dream starts with me in a

The dream starts with me in a car and I am driving through an abandoned city I do not recognize. I do not recognize the care or the person in the passenger seat. The person has long wavy fiery read hair with a devilish smirk that made me shiver. I glanced over at her and the car span out of control and all I could she was her throwing her head back and laughing. The nest thing I know, I am in the ocean struggling to get out of the car but the girl is holding me down. I could feel my chest tighten with anxiety, my breathing becoming more and more shallow. I try to fight her of by kicking and scratching but its no use. The girl will not move. I finally kick her in the face and she lets go of me long enough to let me get away. I am now trying to find my way to the surface of the water. I suddenly am pulled back causing me to literally jump in my sleep, which in turn wakes me up.

I was driving my mothers car and

I was driving my mothers car and took a wrong turning onto the motorway near my house. I couldnt control the car and I ended uo pulling over with oly scratches on the drivers side of the car. My boyfriend was sat in the back seat directly behind me. My mother then pulled up along side me on a peddle bike.

I'm walking in a desert with a

I'm walking in a desert with a group of friends. we are trying to find shelter for the night. we find shelter amid go to bed. when I wake up, I find myself in a warehouse sitting at a desk with the chair on the other side in the shadows. a man(i cannot describe him because I could not see him, I only know he had a deep masculine voice) walks up and sits in the chair. he then proceeds to tell me that he has Jessica (the girl I like) and that he will not let her go unless I help him with a schemes. I curse him out and scream at him to let her go, but he wouldn't. so I reluctantly agreed to help him. the masculine man then proceeds to put me with his finest henchmen to do the scheme. we robbed a store(don't know what we took.)late at night. but I received an anonymous note in my pocket telling me the supposed exact location of where they took Jessica. so I darted across rooftops completely forgetting about the scheme. I approached a bar and opened the door, only to find Jessica, on the floor, very pale, bruises all over her body, some scratches, and she was crying. I was so shocked and petrified at seeing this, I flashed(ran the fastest I ever ran) to her and sat down next to her and pulled her into my arms. I started to comfort her by telling her that it's ok and that I'm here now. I started crying due to her condition. then one of the henchmen found us. he aimed his gun at me and before he could pull the trigger I threw a pocket knife at him which caught him in the throat. he fell to the floor dead. Jessica then began to tell me to never leave her side. I told her that I wouldn't. then I took her to my group of friends that were hiding in a cave near our location. we talked about movies. after that I woke up from my dream.

I keep seeing my beagle that we

I keep seeing my beagle that we out down last year in my dreams with my other dogs the first time she scared the crap out of me because she her eyes were red and she had scratches all over her the second one was her just walking around and playing with the other dogs

I cracked my iphone , woke up

I cracked my iphone , woke up scared and nervous . checked my phone, there was no scratches or anything . i was very happy