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I have been divorced for approx. 16

I have been divorced for approx. 16 years and is single at the moment. have 2 grown sons (34 and 35) who are married with children. They are great husbands and fathers. I dreamt I was asleep in my bed with my divorced husband and sons. My sons in the dream are grown up men just as they are now. The house we were in is the same house where I lived with my husband and the bed in the dream is the same bed we used when we were married. Presently the house is a two flat building.My ex is living on the top floor currently and the bottom floor houses a business being run and owned by my sons. Their father works with them also. Very successful business. We were all asleep when I sensed as though the bed was sinking and so I raised an alarm to wake my ex and my sons fearing they may sink. I saw a section of the bed had already began leaning as if sinking. However, I managed to get them all off the bed and soon after we all witnessed the entire bed go under and disappear. The water under the area where the bed stood appeared like a cesspool of filth and urine. Like a septic tank or sewage system. The bed disappeared into this filty, messy, stinky water. We had all jumped off in time. Soon after as I looked around the house in shock at what had just happened, I saw that the household articles, furnishings, pipes, etcetera badly damaged and in opinion I knew there had been an earthquake and so I proceeded to inform my ex and my kids that there had been an earthquake during the night.

This morning I Dreamt I was shopping

This morning I Dreamt I was shopping at a Christmas fair I was minding a baby boy and I had a gairl with me too she was about 12year old I didn’t know them anyway the girl to the little boy outside the hall then I was shaken up with and almighty bang, I stop shopping and rushed out said my haert was racing are the children all right, outside the children were all wright the baby boy was in his pram and the 12 year old girl was by him a woman was on her knees in the middle of the road and a car had crashed into a St Marys church and it was wedged into the church so it was unsay but we were all ok.