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My granddaughter and I decide to go

My granddaughter and I decide to go to a revival type meeting. I drive to the meeting. There are farmers and Amish people there. After the meeting it is late at night, I am carrying my granddaughter to the car and pick up a white blanket from the ground. I place her in the car and cover her with the white blanket & go back to the tent for a minute. When I return to car my granddaughter is gone. Fearing the worst I run to the tent and find her there with a group of older men. I grab her from them and one of the men holds up a bottle of medication I take for an illness I have, I feel terrible fear and wake up...

This is the 4th time I've had

This is the 4th time I've had a re-occuring setting inside a dream. Even though it was the same place every time, different things happened within each dream. The setting is my workplace, only it is not. My workplace is a warehouse set in a metropolitan area that looks of a neon, brightly colored downtown area. It doesn't look as intense as Las Vegas; more of a New York with neon signs feel. The majority of the dream is spent inside of a mall; connected to my work. I have now been here 4 times in four different dreams so I am starting to know my way around it. Every time my dream starts I am running to work but I have plenty of time to get there. The reason I'm being so rushed is to go to this bar before I start work. The bar is like a luxurious hotel bar, complete with a golden awning and load and unloading area in the very back of the mall. The place is very fancy, from the inside out. It's very beautiful and fairly busy, along with the entire setting of the mall. For the fourth time now I've gone there to sneak two beers in before I start my shift. They make you buy tickets and you turn in those tickets to get glasses of whatever you want. I usually get a dark red IPA there. Every time I've had this dream, I've met this girl there that was very friendly to me. She'd engage in most of the conversation, she would approach me instead of the other way around, and we'd talk until I had to leave. She's very beautiful but she's also imperfect. She doesn't look like a model or a celebrity that's too attractive to obtain but she instead has a homely, yet very attractive look. Blonde, petite, and most of her facial features looks to be of European decent. This time around she came up and talked to me yet again. She also have evening bar attire on that fits the atmosphere of the bar even though it is always in the morning. She had a friend of hers with her this time that I never met previously until this dream. Unlike real life, she wasn't very judgmental or condescending to me like most girls are when there friends are approached by men. She seemed just as bubbly and happy to be around me as the girl I kept meeting. By the end of it, we went outside and it was fairly cold out, way too cold for what there were wearing. This is where I finally got the nerve to get her number. My phone isn't a smartphone so it takes awhile to enter somebody's number. She and her friend patiently waited even though it took a long time until I entered her number. Her area code was either 625 or 652...I looked these up and they do not exist. Aside from that, this was also the first time I found out her name, which was just as weird as the area code. Her name was Lythmia. Upon looking up that name, that seems to be some weird connection to Thor and Loki and I am not familiar with those in the slightest. The other spelling it could be, Lithmia, is a medical condition where too much acid is being developed in the blood. I don't know what that could mean.