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I was scratching and scratching my waist

I was scratching and scratching my waist I couldn't stop. My friend was yelling at me to stop but I just kept going. Then when she grabbed my arm to stop me to my astonishment I had ripped right threw my skin and was bleeding with deep wounds. I was shocked because I didn't even realize I was ripping into my skin. I just wanted the itch to stop.

I was walking with someone and we

I was walking with someone and we turned into a sand valley.. It got more and more difficult for me to walk as we went on and he began to walk up a sand hill, I tried to follow but I sunk down and lost him. I saw a snake and I started to run away but each time I turned there were more weaving their way in and out of the snow. I started jumping to avoid them and then huge white anacondas started to come out, they seemed endless in length. I jumped over them but I landed near a snake and it coiled and dashed at my foot. It didn't bite me however, or only one fang scratched me. Somehow I then ended up at my friends house that I'm staying at and I woke up.

I was on holidays, and as a

I was on holidays, and as a reaction to the sun i became covered in moles, and i was trying to scratch them off but they wouldn't come off

I was meeting up with friends at

I was meeting up with friends at a fancy hotel where a family friend had booked us a room to stay for a couple of months. I was out looking for a dress in case the one that I already had wasn't going to be a good enough. I was looking for a dress for a dance that was going on later that night. While I was looking in a store with my mom and sister, I asked how much a bright red shirt was and the man flipped out on me and chased me around store. I hid in the dressing room while I waited for him to go away and then I ran out. The next thing was that I was back at the hotel room and ran into my friend mike who was studying for a test. while I was talking to him about it, I was swirling around on this bar stool until I almost fell off but Mike caught me. We disturbed an older gentleman who was standing near by. As I was eating some pasta, I asked Mike if he was staying at the hotel and he said he was and I asked what floor, since we were staying on the fourth. The fourth floor was the most expensive luxury apartment rooms. He said the fourth, and I asked how he was able to get a room like that. He also had a friend paying for the room. He picked me up and flipped me around, almost letting me hit the floor. Then my dream jumps to all of my friends and I in an SUV driving down a freeway in the second to right lane. On our left we passed a white cop car and I realize we are good we were only doing 70. Just then a silver little sports car with a sun roof zooms past us and I thought the cop car should catch them. All of a sudden I tell my friend to stop and pull over. I saw a person walking on the freeway, then another SUV tipped over and there were 4 bodies laid out on the freeway right in front of us where we stopped. I got up and yelled at the the man who was first walking across the freeway, "Why would you want to hang yourself out of the sunroof on the freeway? Don't you see you hurt this poor family now?" He said he did it for fun and then ran off. I noticed all these cars rushing towards the family who was laid out on the pavement still. I went to try to help and I saw a truck slam on his breaks and put on his hazards as he soon got slammed into. I was along the wall on the freeway thinking about going out into the lanes to wave my hands, and then I realized that I had to drag the people off the freeway because the cars weren't going to stop. I convinced my friends to help me move the family off the freeway. The cops showed up and as I was telling them the story of what happened, I started feeling pain in my hands and feet. I then realized that I was swelling up. I thought it had to do with something with the car crash. It was swelling so fast it hurt and the cops could see how much pain I was in. One of them sliced my foot and a lot of liquid came out. Then she sliced my hand and water then puss, then a small piece of pasta came out. She smelt it and asked if I had pasta earlier. I told her I had, but I eat pasta all the time. She said that some times pasta at fancy places make theirs from scratch and they make them with lavender. I told her I was indeed allergic to lavender. They got me an ambulance and then I woke up.

Go to scratch the roof of my

Go to scratch the roof of my mouth and all of a sudden my gum starts to break apart due to mold until there's a hole in my mouth

Driving up hill, man saying something to

Driving up hill, man saying something to me, I let the car roll backward and scratched 2 cars in the process, same man then traded credit cards with us, but ours just disappeared and he gave me his, it was a large gold ticket, and I just looked at it amazed