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I and people went to church program

I and people went to church program in a village, and when we reached we started praying and after praying at night. We started playing and howling like wolves, immediately we sense something changed and wolves started attacking people, I ran in a house with some people and secure ourselves there. I was the one who locked all the doors and windows. In the morning, everyone came out and was boarding a bike, immediately I stopped a man to carry me on his bike. He told me he will be back and he speedily drove off. Then I noticed the weather changed, and I rushed in with the people and closed the doors. It wasn't night then but the wolves came out and start attacking and eating people. We watched through the window, and a woman standing close to me said " they would have stayed close to there hiding places, now they are eaten.

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went

Based in roman times. Sultan rydell went to war to obtain a country. He won and was awarded with a powerful princess, franchesca. He drains her powers and makes her helpless and turns her into a sex slave to keep royal bloodlines. Rydell takes her powers and becomes the most powerful man alive. The royal males that franchesca bears are turned into peasant slave drivers and the royal females are turned into castle keepers. Franchesca is not allowed personal relations. Franchesca fell in love with a peasant named jacob and she bore a child. Master rydell found out and had the child murdered. Her punishment was forced marriage to two royals. She is kept under watch all day every day. Rydells ally is joeseph, franchescas brother. Franchesca despises her brother because he runs his country much like rydell does. He came to visit one day and his country got invaded by queen dahlia from another country. Queen dahlia wants good, and wants franchesca freed from her bonds of slavery so she can have her country back. Dahlia has a limited army, but invades joesephs country. Rydell finds out and builds an army to capture her. He captures her and tortures her or makes her watch torture. Franchesca begs for mercy and pardon but everytime she does she gets beaten into obedience for not acting like a slave should. Prince caspian is dahlias son, he was cast off to gain more powers to try to defeat rydell but no one has heard back from him. Franchesca is defeated and can only watch her country fall to ruins against a most powerful dictator that she is forced to worship. If she runs someone near to her will get tortured while she watches in dispair and helplessness

so i was going back to the

so i was going back to the locker room at pe to change out from my pe clothes and suddenly i was running in a field with no grass just dirt and then it was bus call and i missed both of my buses because i took like 20 min in the locker room changing back into my clothes and so i just walked to the bus loop but then my parents showed up near the breezeway so i was like "ok cool i'm gonna get home earlier" and then someone walked past me and like bumped into me and i thought he was a school shooter so i got nervous but i kept walking with my parents and we were gonna enter in the main entrance of the school but then we went to buy and it turned out to be bob saget and i was excited although i dont really watch full house and we talked and then my grandparents aunts uncles and all them started walking under the breezeway and i was confused but then i thought it was some procession for my brothers wedding so i was like ok and then it ended there

in my dream i can see myself.

in my dream i can see myself. i am blind and am walking without knowing where i am going. there are overlapped voices coming from every direction. the room that im walking in is pitch dark and has nothing in it. i am tense and am extremely cautious for any movement. my breathing is heavy and sweat is coating my face. suddenly i switch perspectives. im this hidden figure thats been watching me from a faraway corner. i have no control as it runs towards me. i dont know that its coming because im blind. but i know too because i am attacking myself. but i wake up as i try to kill the other me

im in a really nice house and

im in a really nice house and everyone i practically know is present. we're all in the living room. we're all silent but are somehow talking without any words. i get up and i take off my shoes and put them in my closet. when i get out i sit down again. then, some guy comes out of my room holding my shoes in his arms. i don't say anything at first, but then stand up when he said he was leaving. i yelled at him saying that they were my shoes, but the guy left through the front door. everyone, including me, was watching him go silently. one of my guy friends ran out to try to stop him, but he was gone. with my shoes. i felt betrayed and empty. and i woke up feeling the same way