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An fbi agent was hired to follow

An fbi agent was hired to follow me around because someone want to kill me and i need to be protected. The fbi agent told me to not mind her and continue with my normal everyday life. She said she would always be watching me but would keep her distance. So I decided to go a movie theater with one of my bestfriends. We were sitting watching the movie while eating candy my friend decided to go to the washroom. While she left the agent came up to me and took some candy and placed it in a plastic bag so she could take it to her office for testing. The next day the agent came over to my house with the candy in the bag and a bunch of papers from test she did on the candy. |The agent explained that my friend did not wash her hand after she used the washroom and that I was eating bad candy.

I don’t know when this is but

I don’t know when this is but for some reason, it is in Chicago or Los Angeles I meet an alien who the size of a toddler. He states that he and comrades come in peace and hope to stay on Earth. People approve and people disapprove, others are just frightening. The aliens are nice enough to introduce advanced technology. The doctors take it an advantage. I use it on my grandma with my own discount they give me and she is given a whole new body. But it’s sadly a Russian model, who is loved by many. My grandma is 65 but is in the body of a 25-year-old. There are even a store and school dedicated to her. I’m with these group of people: Jason, Clare, and two other people I don’t know. I actually become the watcher at this point The aliens confess that they have refuged from a darker source. Sadly, the Russian model is involved. The world turns its back on the aliens and separates them in reservations. This makes me sad because the alien who I got to know had become my best friend. The group of people actually help me find out how to make humans believe they are no better than the violent aliens they think they see. The entire world is in fire and rage, almost like an abandoned city in the Walking Dead Our plan was to try to show the advance technology the doctors believe to take advantage of was good to do. Jason, giving the fact he said he was studying to be a surgeon, puts his blood in and makes beautiful but vicious plants. But our plan backfires a bit because the Russian model is a bounty hunter. We leave Jason with the experiments to find out that the darker force is coming, in large black glowing ships, the world panics as the ships just stand there, while that happens, Jason is murdered by the Russian model by drowning in the water and being eaten by the plants. His blood and his body fill the tank as the plants suddenly die. We come back to find him like this and I state that it’s the Russian model and I state I will be the one to kill her because her technique of killing is at closing time, she walks casually out while another rush out and she shoots a tranquilizer with pink liquid at her victim. The Russian model knows what I plan to do so she casually just goes with the process I say. At closing time, the model is ready to leave while I casually walk in front of her. She shoots it but I turn my back, catching it. The model runs to me and pins me down, trying to put the tranquilizer on me, but I reverse her hold and inject her with the pink liquid and push back in the purple dark aura that appears to return herself to a nicer but dizzy state. We help her out and turns out my alien friend is there because he could sense me. We go back to the clinic with Jason covered. We look at the purple aura and try to use the system to try to find out what made her calm and “normal.” We find that the pink liquid was meant for the model because she had been given nanobots to made her that way. It only killed others because they were aliens. The purple liquid, however, that was inhaled, was the negativity that was in her. So, we all decided to take liquids that the doctors had tinkered with and take them back to the aliens We come outside when it turns out the reporter states how we will be arrested for taking doctors’ equipment and trying to go to the reservation. But we say, “so?”. I hide the alien friend in the bathroom and keep watch as the reporter gets upset and grabs a heavy hammer that she thinks she can carry. Behind her are other reporters, they all get upset at one another and apparently beat each other to death. In the end of my dream, it’s stuck at the point where all reporters are dead.

I went on a field trip with

I went on a field trip with the school I spent it with my friend they we're doing an activity of old dances I participated but was not able to talk to I was replaced by a guy I saw a celebrity in their as a kid I knew the lady in charge of the presentation said two Teacher names. I later on went inside this building where my whole school was laying down watching a show I was laying down with my best friend and then later on a guy came back that I didn't like with other people I knew. Then one of the guys I like came complaining to me about my ex n he was gonna lay down next to me but i didn't let him cuz I prefer to be next to my bff so he walked away n then later on I left with her n that's when the dance activity started then I lost her and left and when to eat I ended up in a place where u could eat but u had to have your Own food their was a lot of Hispanics one of them ask me which Hispanic u like the most I said Argentina ones Cuban Spain salvador n then I was eating tacos n another dude ask me you've been eating since little and I was like yeah n I woke up