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i was laying on a couch and

i was laying on a couch and across from me on another couch was a black snake. it looked at me but never bothered me as i went to sleep in peace not worrying if the snake would bother me or not .. it didnt move until i woke up. once i woke up it slithered off the couch and up the steps.. i then called for my mom to come and get it. it then followed me everywhere in our old home where we use to live. i dont think i ever felt afraid for my life in the dream because it follow me but it never lashed out as if it was about to attack me but made me uneasy because i was afraid of snakes. i then got it to follow me in the basement once in the basement i ran up the steps and closed the door and communicated with it by only sticking my head through the door with the rest of my body behind the door. i asked it its name it answered saying its name which began with an A. i then noticed it turned into a man yet not a man im attracted too. i then began to fanatasized about the man and i sexually.

I'm trying to walk a hallway but

I'm trying to walk a hallway but everything's so blurry and unfocused. the dream keeps tilting at angles and all i can really here is my own heavy breathing. suddenly, the hallway's floors become water that i am somehow standing on. my breathing is now so loud and heavier. silver chains spring out of the water and wrap around my wrists and chest, and pulls me underneath. the water is nearly black, i couldn't see a thing. i kept screaming and screaming but there was no sounds or air bubbles coming out of my mouth. i am afraid of deep waters so when i look around i realize that a big shadowy figure was coming towards me really fast. but then i wake up

Can you please translate my dream/nightmare? Please...

Can you please translate my dream/nightmare? Please... I really need to know. I'm scared So here is my dream... I dream that... our family was walking in the middle of the night around in the streets then i had this bad feeling, while walking my grandfather said that the place where we are currently passing is known to be hunted but my twin sister and I didnt really paid much attention so we just play and fool around the streets. Cars started running down the streets fast I dont really know where it came from! My twin sister and I can't pass the streets so I hid down but my twin sister was eager so she ran off leaving me behind and I dont wanna be alone in there so i followed what she did,after that me and my sis smiled under a big tree...we were going home my mom,me and older sis... my twin sister and grandfather went home first so i was expecting my twin sister will wait for me at our room to chitchat but she didn't; instead she was at the living sitting in the floor slouching, she starred at me like she was angry but she isn't! She was possesed by something evil...She Grabbed a scissor so I ran off cuz Im really scared then my twin sister who is possesed was grinning; luckily, I found a knife and a scissor! Still...I cant kill my twin... She slit down my throat using her scissors and said "Do you really think I'm joking? F---! Your Dead!" Blood everywhere My mom was crying so as my older sister but my twin is still possesed, My eyes were closing and the onlything that Im thinking is people who needs to be happy---That is the end of my dream.I can remember each details because I just had it and Right now its 3 in the morning. I waked up cuz of my dream...to tell you I'm really scared of sharp things and I'm also afraid of Evil Possesions :( I wish you can translate my dream/nightmare. Thankyou

I came into this place that looked

I came into this place that looked like stairs everywhere made out of boxes they were yellow boxes positioned that it made it look difficult to move around. I was trying to go down to get out but as I was stepping down it felt as if I was at the edge of a cliff and I felt there was nothing for me to step down to that I would fall off and possibly kill myself. I started looking for a way out. I saw these musicians come in. I remember seeing a clarinet and people started leaving. I was afraid I would be stuk there with no way out. I notied the way people started leaving and I followed their path and got out. I met some one from church who offered me a ride. I notied the road was winding and looked difficult to get through. there were road bloks but the driver found a way out.. the at drven was an old model car like in the 1920's.


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