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I was with my friend getting tattoos,

I was with my friend getting tattoos, and then the tattoo artist falls for her, suddenly i'm looking at furniture and i run into a girl i dont like. i end up telling her off and stating how horrible she is infront of all our class mates. Then im changing a babies diaper. Then suddenly im outside a building and its on fire, so i try to rescue my classmates and these babies. One baby falls and dies the other survies. So i run in to pull some people out of the fire and then i see a sign with a name on it. I call out the boys name and i hear a voice so i keep calling his name that i see on the walls to follow the sound of his voice through the maze of rooms. Finally i find him only for it to be a Jin disguised as a beast. In that moment i knew the jinn started the fire and that it wanted me, so i ran as fast as possible out and woke up

I dreamt Iswas in a room we

I dreamt Iswas in a room we it a girl covered in botflies babies and a band dress in black led by a magician

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Its about 20 years ago and my

Its about 20 years ago and my older sister has a baby. She says she has had enough babies and doesn't want it. I really want he baby a pretty girl but decide its too much for me. I take the child to some old neighbours who had 5 kids when we knew them. I tell them the story and say they are the best people to take her, I leave her there and that's the end of the dream.

I was with my sister joking about

I was with my sister joking about and then walking into a house, what seemed to be ours, but didn't look like it. I went to the bathroom and I found blood on ny underwear. I heard my teacher talking to my mother.my mother called me and then my teacher said its's okay if she's in bed let her sleep.My mother blurted out that I was in the bathroom because I was on my period and soon I'd be producing babies. They both laughed. Afterwards I was so embarrassed, I told my mother thanks to her I'm not going into school for the nect week.