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my dream started with a man inside

my dream started with a man inside a window like structure.. there was no wall nothingness around him (kinda like when you close your eyes and you still see something but its nothing) I got closer I seen the mans face he had long hair and a long beard.. (I don't know, pretty funny but looked like jesus) he handed me a long necklace It had huge beads (a little under golf ball size) they were a goldish yellow very beautiful color at the end was a medallion. I don't remember exactly what it looked like but it was the same color as the beads huge circle and I believe it kinda looked like the sun flames around but the inside... hollow..? or a dreamcatcher..? cant quite remember I was to busy looking at the beads and length... I felt protection and love!! I looked all over and cannot find anything to interpret it

I see myself as an adult, of

I see myself as an adult, of about 30 years old. I have an office job and I work in a tall building. I am told that I have to go to a meeting on a higher floor, so I get into an elevator, which is completely white and go to the floor. When I arrive it looks like the roof of the building with no one in sight. Suddenly alarms sound so I go back into the elevator to go back to reception. The elevator speeds up quickly and I can feel it swerve to the sides. It also gets colder and colder until I stop at a floor and the door opens. I see a land covered completely in snow in the middle of a light blizzard. I see a man dressed strangely as if from a different time era with black hair and beard standing on a snow wall. I go up to him and stand next to him then he turns to me "It's a sobering thought," he says "You're dead you know."

Dream: i was standing as a first

Dream: i was standing as a first person looking out but not able to see my body s see a large foot like looking at a giant facing the toes and the foot had a sandel like the old rome or greek exposed foot and the base of sandel then i saw the bottom of a robe and it had a line around the edge i not sure if it was big i was just looking then i saw a head the face and as i was looking the face came past me close i think it was the left eye came close to me moving right to left the eye was awsome can not forget it if i seen it again then in the distance the face stop and open the mouth and like light or lava coming out like a large beem not at me beem came out to left then i saw the right quarter lower mouth of another im sure it was mouth and a slight mustach loking like it was like a beard like you see in an religouse icon closed mouth