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Selling fanny packs to female customers is

Selling fanny packs to female customers is hard enough. Designers have tried to rebrand them as “belt bags” or “waist bags,” but we all know what we’re looking at, and we have all the negative associations from the 80s to go right along with it. Male accessory costumers are customarily even more tentative to go for a piece that might find them on the receiving end of ridicule or questions of their masculinity, and if one such piece exists, it is most certainly a floral fanny pack. Men's Adidas High Top

We were at my great grandma's house

We were at my great grandma's house and everyone was there. I kept getting nervous cuz we were eating cake and I kept on dropping it and I was afraid someone would see the mess I had created. Out of nowhere, it started raining little shards of ice and we all had to go. It just happened to be that some guy had "lost" his really big silver/white truck right in front of the house (and by lost I mean he parked it, looked up at the falling ice, and ran... I don't know.) So everyone got in and we all kinda of calmed down as my dad was driving, but then there was a canal. He said, "Look hold on, hold on, I do this all the time," meaning he would drive the truck of the road get in the shallow part of the canal, and drive back onto the road perfectly fine. However, that DID NOT HAPPEN. He messed up SO BADLY and the truck started to sink in and he was just there saying, "S***. S***! S***!!" He told us to all get out but then my mom told him we couldn't because we had our seat belts on. I turned, and the look on my brother's face was horrific... I honestly cannot say how I felt at that moment... I started screaming... well not screaming it was more like screeching because I was crying and couldn't breathe. I don't remember how, but my dad managed to get us out of the water. I kept on crying. I was wailing but everyone kept telling me to shut up and who cares and it doesn't matter anymore it's all over it already passed... no one understood.

My dream started with me at my

My dream started with me at my fathers house. He was looking at my car because in my waking life its been making a strange noise lately. He told me he wanted us to take it for a test drive so he could hear it for himself. As we were driving along his long driveway I told him that everything in my vision was getting darker and becoming harder to see. It was as though it was becoming night time in my eyes. He didnt say much and I continued to drive. As i turned out of the driveway and started driving down the road I still couldnt really see but up ahead i saw a blue flashing light and knew it was cops so i asked him if he had his seat belt on. After saying he did I somehow rolled the car and everything went black. When i awoke in my dream I was in a strange house, there were no lights on except a light in a room at the end of a hall. As i entered there was just a video camera set up with a light shining in front of it. Recording was a little girl talking into the camera. She was only visible on the camera and not when I looked in front of it. As i watched her she slowly moved closer to the camera and as she did the skin on her face started to rot off her face and she just started screaming. Terrified i just turned around and ran. Through the dark unusual house. As I was running I saw what seemed to be an outline of a person and as soon as I saw the shadow it grabbed me by my shoulders as if to hold me still. This is when I actually woke up and for whatever reason I couldnt move or speak for what seemed like eternity. Please tell me what this means.

I once had this reoccurring dream that

I once had this reoccurring dream that I would have about twice a month. The setting of the dream was in some warehouse or manufacturing factory. In this factory there were belts that were elevated and looked kind of like smooth escalators. No in the dreams I was always challenged to climb these conveyor belts to the top, the trick is they were moving down as I was trying to move up. This wouldn’t be that much of a problem because they didn’t move that fast maybe a little slower than a walking pace, except gravity felt like it was four to five times its natural strength. It took all I had to not collapse to the ground not to mention walking to be super difficult. Now there was not villain or person chasing me but some man always shrouded challenging me to ascend the conveyor belt. I would try and try and try but I have to this day never once made it to the top.