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I'm outside a wedding on a bench

I'm outside a wedding on a bench sitting by my self, husband shows up, then a man I can't really see his face with tears in my eyes and a older lady on the side of my husband. she sits and tells him a story that you can tell a lot about a wife and husband by looking at the wife, but at this point in my dream I am not with him , we are seperated.

I had a dream of the man

I had a dream of the man I love he was on a picnic bench sitting opposite another man

I. Had a dream of the boy

I. Had a dream of the boy I love he was waiting on a Picnic bench oposite another boy

In the office with old style before

In the office with old style before renovation, Steve said stores data isn't working & I was trying to issue the serviceable tag. ARC hasn't completed and needed to be done by a girl. She had conflict with some street people so I went to check them by jumping up the really high fence holding the girl. Leo's whole family was in the house & Mike was in the other room. I was telling him off that by bullying this girl making it delay issuing ARC somehow got to do with unknown street boys or MSRs. I realised lost shoes but couldn't find it. The girl was taking shower so I got outside the house. Train pass next to the house. I was tie the party color tape purple on left foot then ready to jump down the house. The lady flying up to me & gave me a lift to building in Japan. My sister was running to the lift after one of singer. Her husband was sitting on the bench waiting for her. The lift was for authorized only then she came back & said she couldn't make it.

I was holding a baby showing the

I was holding a baby showing the child off to people who were around me in what looked like a living room. Cradling the child in my arms I excused myself from the main room and walked through a hallway towards a bedroom. Josh was in the room with a few guys and they were playing video games and talking, just hanging out. I said something but I am unsure of what I said precisely. Josh looked at me, glanced at the child and replied with a nod. I left the room and then the scene switched. The child was a female, approximately seven years old, and she was running around at her birthday party. I was sad but I wasn’t given a clue as to the reason why I was sad. I just sat there on a bench outside staring down at the grass and only looking up to smile when the child would ask for me to look. I never was able to clearly look at her face. The scene switched. I was in a house, another party. I was holding a tray of mini sandwiches and talking to all the people who were there. Everyone seemed happy. Then I saw her. Same height as me, long red hair with streaks of black that she no doubt added herself, small petite frame with a round face, pale skin, freckles. She resembled both me and Josh. She was beautiful and she was mine. I put my arms around her and kissed her cheek. She said to me, “Mom, it’s ok, I love you!” I pulled away and looked at her. So gorgeous. Then it hit me. Josh was not here nor had he been for a long time. He was gone. It was never made clear why he wasn’t present anymore.

I dreamt I was at a hospital

I dreamt I was at a hospital visiting someone, but I don't know who it was. I went outside in the back of the hospital to get some air and sat on a bench. It was kind of a wooded area. There was an African American mad sitting on a table holding his newborn baby that his wife had just had. It was a girl. He told me to watch what he was about to do and that if I tell anyone he will kill me and he buried his newborn in a deep hole in the ground. I was so scared. I left. I went home and called 911 and told them what had happened. When they sent police to go dig up the hole, there was in fact a dead baby, however the medical examiner said the baby had been dead in that hole for 23 years. So was it a ghost who told me? Was it a sign? Either way something told me to call and have them check and they found this missing baby after 23 years.

The Liverpool forward told Hodgson that he

The Liverpool forward told Hodgson that he was suffering from fatigue at England’s Hertfordshire base before flying to Estonia on Saturday lunchtime, and the England manager responded by leaving him on the bench in Tallinn. The 19-year-old was introduced for the final 26 minutes and won the free kick from which Wayne Rooney gave England a hard-fought win with his 43rd international goal. Nike Free Run 5.0 Mens

First I was walking by myself in

First I was walking by myself in what seemed to be Las Vegas. There were bright neon signs and casinos and I was waiting for a friend (I think). I then got to a bus stop where I sat down on the bench and was still waiting. The setting changed to the middle of the woods and I think I was supposed to be Red Riding Hood. I was still waiting for someone or something and then I don’t remember what happens next but I was running. Then I woke up.

Someone stares at me for a while

Someone stares at me for a while and then lychee next day I am sitting on a bench waiting to go on the bus and go to school and later I have a quest from school to take something from somebody I take the thing and I almost leave then a group of people chase me then the person I met saves me