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i started off at home in cambodia

i started off at home in cambodia and i had a flight to hanoi at 7pm, my dad showed up at 7:10pm then i went inside got the bags and went outside again, my dad’s car wasn’t in the parking lot so i walked around the nisc community and then my dad reversed back with his car to the beginning of the road that leads to our house. then after i put the bags in the car i went back home to bring a dog that apparently we owned in my dream to come with us for the car ride to the airport. while i was walking towards the car with the dog, 3 bicycles came across the road as i was trying to cross, so i stayed where i am, then 3 more bicycles came across the road so i still stayed where i was, my dad then got out of the car and started walking me, he then realised that the dog had some sort of pimple next to his right back leg so he called my brother to get the syringe to cure the dog, at that point i started yelling saying i’ll be missing my flight if we don’t leave but my brother got out of the car and went to put the needle in the dog either way. by the time he was done we got to the airport, it was 8:10pm by then so my flight had taken off already. I then booked a flight to singapore on the spot. I got on the plane and saw an old friend from an international school back in cambodia, he was the waiter on the plane. i didn’t have a seat on the plane so i kept standing up through out the flight. once i arrived to the university campus here at sp jain in singapore jevaughn said he’d want to come hanoi with me and so his girlfriend bought him a ticket to come with me, i had my bags ready at the lobby and while standing at the lobby i realised that my bags were rolling down the street towards the gate, i started chasing it then i got to the gate and i saw my cousin, he told me to pass him the mercedes benz article, i was wondering what article it was then i looked down at the ground and it was all mud, there were circular holes in the mud each with an old magazine article in it as i was trying to find out which article it was that he wanted i looked up towards the gate and i found a filthy dog with big red eyes looking at me, so i was indecisive about taking out the article, i chose to take it out of the ground and as soon as i did the dog came inside through the gate and started following me and then i ran off and it started chasing me, my cousin went the right side of the road towards the lobby and i took the left road then jumped across half way instead of going completely to the left side and that’s when i woke up

In a public restroom, came out and

In a public restroom, came out and some man was trying to break the lock off of my bicycle to steal it. I told him I would sell it to him, that it wasn't expensive, but I wanted to call my husband to see if forty dollars was an ok amount to sell it to him for. I was then trying to ride the bike, but I kept needing things to get it going; I didn't have socks on then I didn't have shoes on, it was muddy, there were a lot of people in the way, etc. Lots of obstacles to begin getting the bicycle going.

I was in a suburban neighborhood that

I was in a suburban neighborhood that had been abandoned. The houses looked abandoned anyway, and the yards had grown up 2-3 feet high. There were bodies everywhere, but they looked like melted tires. They were like big flat, black pieces of rubber. Maybe melted and charred? Anyway, I was walking down the street near the sidewalk, and a red headed pale girl on a bicycle rides past me like everything is normal, before turning her bike onto a sidewalk leading to a house. She sets down her bike and walks into the house. Someone has been following us though. Something inside me says to play dead, so I fall to the side, face into the sidewalk and close my eyes, something telling me not to look up, but I know the man or thing has followed the girl into the house. Suddenly, I hear snapping of a fire. I jump up, and a man with slightly gold colored skin, long dark wavy hear, horns and wings is running down the street. He looks strong and muscular, just a tunic I guess it's called around his waist. Behind him is a wall of fire as high as the sky coming towards us. Just now he sees me and looks alarmed. He yells at me asking what I am doing here. I don't belong here. He grabs my hand and we run from the fire until we pass through an extremely tall pair of gold colored doors, which he closes. We can hear the fire behind them and he sighs, hands still on the doors. He says his name is Mephistopheles and he created that world, but he had to destroy it. Then he turned and walked away and I woke up.