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I was standing on a dock by

I was standing on a dock by a small lake. There was a pile of wood in the canoe tied to the dock. I kept trying to split the wood in the canoe but every time I swing the axe the boat just dips down into the water and the log slips away. A woman comes out and laughs at what is going on. Then we go to the fair.

So I was by an ocean and

So I was by an ocean and emery came up to me and put his hands on my shoulders but his hands were sweaty so i told him to take his hands of of me and then he was like Kaeli u know how i feel about u . Then we were getting on a bus to the ocean but emery wasn't on it and i was looking for my best friend Alex to tell her what happened and but I could see her in a line outside the bus but she didn't see me so i tried to get off but the bus left already then we came to a like beach but like where u put in boats at the boat ramp thing and we went in the water and picked gross stuff out of the water and then chase came up to me and said emery is going to ask u out .

Im in love with an older man.

Im in love with an older man. Ive always had a thing for him. But he seems distracted. Yet very much in love with me too. we are in small quarters. almost like a house boat kind of place. im a waitress at a swanky hotel restaurant. he is an owner i think. something is amiss then I wake up from dream

I awake in a different country. Dazed

I awake in a different country. Dazed and lost. No one speaks english. I think its South America. When I awoke I was under a boat. A wooden canoe type boat. I made my way to town with some folks that offered a ride. I was then in an apartment building. I didnt know anyone. People were bad and scary. Lots of kids. Building looked like it had been through a storm a bad storm and was torn apart. I was trying to find my family.

I was at a boat dock, there

I was at a boat dock, there was about 7–9 other boats on a river that made a U shape. A shark was casing damage to the boats. I kept trying to leave on a boat, a huge box full of spiders was getting thrown everywhere and there was dead fish.

Last night I dreamt Shae and i

Last night I dreamt Shae and i were sailing a big boat from the shore out into the ocean and back and it was hard because it was night but we did it and were very pleased Then I drove the boat around a bit and broke some sort of sea speed record Then I tried again but didn't have enough fuel to come back So I swam a long time to the shore and got stung by an irukanji And then I found a road and shae drove past but didn't see me But then shae turned around and i woke up