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I was on the rooftop of a

I was on the rooftop of a building in a big city. I was with my aunt and a friend. I was confused as to why I was there. Everything was very red and dark. I noticed in the distance a object falling to the ground, before I could react there was a cloud of dusts coming towards us very fast, it had been a bomb. Once the blast had hit us I had woken up from the dream.

Saw a small balloon and another bigger

Saw a small balloon and another bigger one like a bomb chasing me, it was the smaller one directing the bigger one in my dream then i woke up

I dreamed i was in a war

I dreamed i was in a war where there was bombings and people being killed. i was called the red shirts and the enemy was wearing white. i was being held prisoner by the enemy and somehow i escaped by excusing myself to go to the bathroom and i got keys to a mini van and drove off

two red and pink houses roof cave

two red and pink houses roof cave in angel dressed in white cellphone debbie morgan phone burning skin grenade explosion fire, bomber

There was this hug war where I

There was this hug war where I lived. There was a lot of people in my house because it was one that had still survived the bombs. But not for long, a huge one came and hit our house and I could feel myself flying the in the air and it doesn't make sense why I stayed alive. And mostly everyone is did too. Then one person said that help was on the way so everyone got really excited to be leaving but it was all a trick or something because nothing came

I was put in a game and

I was put in a game and I had to go around to different worlds in it. I went to tis one part where I was in a wedding and I had to stop a imposter ring bearer from killing the real ring bearer. I went up behind the imposter but everytime I tried to pull him back he would just keep walking. He got right behind the real boy and punched him up side the face. He fell on the ground and everyone in the wedding disappeared. Then I went to the future and everyone was in a back hallway because there was a bomb dropping. I quickly ran to the past. I landed in this swamp and these four other people were swimming to get to this shack. I followed, since I wanted to get out of the swamp. When I got there the four were sitting in a room with a old, film rolling movie on. The projectionist went over to me and asked if I did gymnastics. I said yes. Then he said, then i have the job for you. He said roll the movie, and then he just ran away. I was sitting there for awhile but I guess I fell asleep at the movie because I started having Disney dreams. Minnie was cheating on Mickey with Pluto, Tinkerbell was with jimmy the cricket, and Goofy and Peter Pan were shooting off fireworks. Then Peter Pan came up to me and said, do you do gymnastics? and I said, yes. Then he said, Well I have the job for you. Then I woke up from the Disney dream and I was at the wedding again. Everyone was running around, screaming. I didn’t know what was going on but I ran with them, away from whatever was happening.