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Me and my sister and her mom

Me and my sister and her mom were walking in walmart and all of the sudden an old creepy guy comes out of a vending machine and starts chasing us, then we end up in our bedroom and the guy is chasing her mom into our room and then he kills her with his butcher knife. My sister gets a knife and then starts chasing him and she kills him and then we are back at walmart and we are walking in and then the guy is in the vending machine again and he chases us in the vending machine.

Me and a group of close friends,

Me and a group of close friends, were in a overgrown back garden rigged with tripwires, we go to the end to find a small box with a sim card inside, we figure out it was a key that opened a door but the door needed two. So after searching for a minute I see an out of place plank of wood, I tear it open and it reveals another door that only needs one key. We open it to discover that it opens another door leading to the next garden. The garden is the garden of my house. One of my friends sits on a chair and the rest disappear. I need to go to the toilet so start walking to my door, before I open the door, I look into the window that belongs to my room. A man is there just staring at us all not even blinking. There are knives on the table I throw a few at him but only two hit him, causing his body to explode into black and red static. He then forms back to himself again. I then see him walk away from the window. I hear him open the door then walk down the stairs. As soon as I hear him walk down the stairs I lock the door. He begins walking toward the door and as soon as he reaches it, he crouches down and pulls a key from his mouth and unlocks the door. he then proceeds to walk towards me flailing his arms. I soon realise that he can't harm me, but I reach to the table to grab two knives one a normal carving knife and the other a butcher's knife. With the carving knife I stab his arm and with the butchers knife I start slicing at his arm. He then bursts back in the black and red static. He then turns into a man holding a giant tree axe, he still cant harm me so I stab him again in the arm. He turns back into the black static again and then turns into one last person. I then stab him three more times and then he turns into static one last time

So, it all started when me, my

So, it all started when me, my dad, sister and brother were all playing mini golf. then we started getting free stuff for being good at it. when we were done and started heading out to the parking lot of a store somehow, my boyfriend showed up on those mowers you sit on.my dad and my boyfriend started working on a car and then i saw my old friend. we started chatting til i turned around and saw someone on a ambulance bed on the floor. my brother died and my dad was on the floor crying hysterically. Then We found out my brother killed himself with a garden hoe becuz a ghost told him to. Then everyone started killing eachother. My dad killed a random woman and her two kids. And this guy and girl i never saw before in reality were in it. the random guy killed the girl then disappeared. At the end, it like started all over like a game. everyone was alive again. Then my boyfriend started walking toward me with a butcher knife and said "who ever talks to their ex-boyfriend first dies."