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First off i would just like to

First off i would just like to say that my wife and I are recovering addicts. My wife has been clean and sober for 4 years and I have been clean and sober for ten months. In the dream I had yesterday, I had a dream in my dream that my wife was sitting there doing cocaine and a friend of mine was just sitting there on the couch and I asked my wife what she was doing and she didn't care that she was doing the drugs in front of me. Then I called my N.A sponsor in this dream and told him what my wife did and he told me that I had to take myself out of that situation and away from your wife if she's going to continue to do that. And then that was it, I woke up

I was invisible with my children and

I was invisible with my children and present at my husbands work. He worked in a place that had three different levels of dimensions in space. He did cocaine at his job and participated in homosexual behavior in return for favors from a male coworker. His coworkers saw one of my children on an xray machine that they used for taking pictures of space. I was cleaning up the area of toys when it happened. He became upset when I found out about his behavior and opted to just stay friends. We went our separate ways as I drove a car into the rainy night. I kept going over hills in the road and it was wet outside and dark. The water was clear but I was seeing it from inside the car.