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I have the same dream every few

I have the same dream every few months or so and it's as if I am aware that I'm sleep. I can hear the TV, see my wife, see the dog and they are where they are actually sleeping. I can even see myself. It is as if I am standing over my body. There is always the same person standing next to me. I believe it to be satan. He is a older white male and his hair is slicked back. He is wearing an extremely nice suit and a large gold and diamond ring. His eyes are completely black and his voice sounds like a choir of tenors. He is extremely well spoken and calm. He has a black mist/fog that stays around him. We stand together over my sleeping body. I tell myself this is a dream and to wake up. I panic and try to wake my sleeping body and the dark figure laughs and tells me he will not allow me to wake up. He says that he will keep me. I call for my wife next to me to wake me up. On several occasions she actually hears me and wakes me up and can even tell me what I was saying. I have had this dream multiple times and the dark figure always looks the same and sounds the same.

I was at my church or at

I was at my church or at least it looked like my church..it also looked like a school. but there was some type of concert going on more like a choir singing. I was in a separate room bc the last time they had something at the church there was a shooting but the shooters didn’t go into that particular room that I was in..i figured I would be safe just in case something happened again. It was a little girl and myself in the room then all of a sudden there were about 10 more people in the room. Then a guy comes in with a AK and asks if we were cold then he just started shooting...i wasn’t hit but I fell and played dead when he started shooting. He was so mad he just kept shooting. For some reason he looked familiar but I have no clue who it was.

I was on a school bus at

I was on a school bus at night with a lot of people and some boys from a choir class had been asked to sing, and they did. It was beautiful. When they stopped, an ex friend of mine in the dream had said something and I told her that a man would attack the bus if she did it again. She did it again, and a loud whail sounded, and the bus had been slammed into from the side, almost making it turn over. Then, my ex friend started rocking the bus, and she made it flip and start going down a hill at a high speed. A small house was there where we were about to crash, but my dream shifted. I was at school the next day talking to my ex friend as if we liked each other. Then, my dream shifted again to the small house we would've crashed into, and I was with one of my guy friends and some other guy I didn't know. I went in to change because I was filthy, they were watching me and heard me say I needed to use the bathroom and were talking about chemical compounds to blow me up. Then they dressed in costumes and came into the house. I went into my imaginary baby brother's room, where he was surprisingly under his crib and told me our imaginary dead parents had made him feel horrible. Then I saw my friend and the random guy in costume and the random guy started hitting on me and kissed me and I woke up.

I'm lead down a corridor that's got

I'm lead down a corridor that's got one of those flame torches sticking out on either side of the walls. The person in front of me has like large black wings and he is leading me towards a huge room. Now, in that room there are 8 stone thrones and a gold one in between. On the stone thrones, there are 4 beautiful people with black wings, and 4 beautiful people with white wings. I just stand at the side of the room whilst a bigger man comes in. One of his wings are black, and the other is white. He sits on the golden throne, so I guess he's like the leader? My wrists are bound and I'm very quiet. The man on the gold throne clicks his fingers, and two guards bring a man in. It's kind of like a judgement for heaven and hell. The man's face was so familiar but I couldn't place who it was. The two guards had one scroll each and they unrolled it. One was bigger, which was the length of a 2-storey house, than the other one, which was really small, as long as the palm of my hand. The man on the golden throne read out each scroll, and I realised they were his good and bad deeds. The rest of the angels on the stone thrones looked at each other and were discussing something. Then a bell rang, and each angel (from the stone thrones) said whether the man should be condemned to hell or exalted to heaven. He was a good man, so they all said 'Heaven'. The man in the golden throne held his hand up and a halo appeared over the dead mans head. The man looked at me and smiled, then he was lead to a white corridor to the right where choir sounds and birds could be heard. The angels on the stone thrones lead out through the passage I came in through. The man on the golden throne walked towards me and said, "When will you be ready? You've seen them all come and go..." and I just shrugged and l was confused. He said, "Very well... farewell," and he walked out. I was left in the room on my own, and I fell asleep.

The dream started off that I was

The dream started off that I was at a camp of some sort at a school and that I was lesbian and dating a girl named Bri (that is in chamber choir with me in real life) and we were all hanging out in a group doing some sort of diversity day/bonding activity and in the group of kids were familiar faces from school and some of my friends. They rest of the group was moving into another room and me and Bri stayed behind taking our time to join, and I could hear and feel everyone talking and looking at us, about how they know we are together and how weird. When we joined the group in the other room they all acted weird to us as me and Bri were comfortably showing affection. Then we were at some house party that I have driven there with my friend Thomas. But instead of me being with Bri I was with my friend Nour who was more than a friend in my dream. There was a different group of people at the party but mostly familiar faces. I was walking through the rooms of the house with my arm around Nour and I saw a group of familiar parents and school staff, specifically Mrs. Franco and Mrs. Deleo. Then everyone was making way for Mrs. Franco who walking up to Annie Deleo with a pregnancy test and we were all waiting for her to take it. Her mom, Mrs. Deleo told everyone at the party to pray for Annie. Then Thomas and I were driving recklessly and we went to a familiar bakery/candy shop where we were meeting my mom, my grandparents and they had a new born baby that was supposedly my cousin’s. The shop was closing and going out of business and I remember feeling sad about it, like it had some memories or some sentimental value to me. Then we were leaving and I was driving my grandpa’s Lexus and I hit my mom’s car a little when leaving the paring lot and but no one noticed. It was night time and I was lost driving home and there was the new born baby strapped in the back with only a regular seatbelt.

My dad took me to a mens

My dad took me to a mens college tennis match and a giant black snake came crawling out and little tiny snakes were everywhere so we sat on top of their lockers and the player i have a really big crush on was running late. but when he got there he overheard me talking to my dad about moving to california and told him in polish that he didnt want me to. he then took my choir folder out of my hands and started playfully singing all the music to me. we then talked until close to the end of the match when i told him he should go to the match and he told me it was too late and took me home instead.