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My sister was mad at me and

My sister was mad at me and she urinated in a trash can and kicked it up in the air and the urine went everwhere all over clothes and in my room and i kicked her in the stomach and started cleaning

I dream cleaning weeds, a house and

I dream cleaning weeds, a house and working as a carer. While doing the care work l have sewing needles under my arm skin and l kept on removing them

In dream I found myself in an

In dream I found myself in an unknown house with furnishings that looked like 1970's era. There was an unknown woman there who was searching for something and also seemed upset or troubled. I talked to her discovering that she was spiritually lost but open to finding God. She could not believe God could save her. I witnessed to her and She seemed nearly ready to accept Christ but she left abruptly. I was sad she refused to accept Christ. In a few minutes there was a knock at the door. Excitedly Thinking she had returned to accept the Lord, I opened the door. I was punched in the stomach by a blonde hair man wearing an army jacket and with a gun who pushed his way inside. I felt betrayed because the woman was with the man, tricking me to allow the man in. He forced his way in and demanded only an amount of cash I had which seemed to be $460. Then he left. I went to a neighbor in front of house warning there was a robber in the area and asking if he had seen him. The neighbor was cleaning out his garage onto his driveway. The neighbor did not give information though I seemed suspicious of him and he seemed to resemble the robber but did not quite seem to be him. I woke up.

I was in my boyfriend car when

I was in my boyfriend car when i saw a doll and pick it up. It look very cute at first and then suddenly her smile changes. I was shocked for abit but then I continue looking at the doll just to be sure it is alive or not. So it is. So I ask my boyfriend to stop at any public toilet whwreby I threw the doll. Then my dream move to a new scene which is my possible new house. It was a beautiful house, as my mom does the cleaning, I saw the doll again right from thr cctv from my house. I got freaked out. I told my mom it was the scary doll haunt us in our new house. As I investigate the story behind the doll haunt. The doll tries to make the paper cutter to kill me when my sister tries to save me from being pulled to the possessed paper cutter by tying me up. Then I wake up.

I was at a....pawnshop or place to

I was at a....pawnshop or place to evaluate all the broken material things in my life, old earring, old necklace...trinkets. Only one thing of value and that was a ring from my mother, a very expensive ring. I woke before he could appraise them. But he was cleaning them for me and he knew my name, even though I did not know his. Why am I appraising old things?