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I sat in a sauna, naked with

I sat in a sauna, naked with another man. Then a wall of the sauna became the side of a subway train. Its doors opened and two naked boys came out. One sat on my lap, his back towards me. Annoyed, I tried to put my penis up his ass. He started crying and I let him go. Later, I was on the roof with my dad and three of his friends. There were some beer bottles and food and we were waiting for the vice president of some company to come. Above, the clouds darkened intermittently. A small plane came very low, almost touching the roofs. Then I was in a house, telling an ex-girlfriend of a date I was going to have with someone. Another my ex-girlfriend sat in the living room not saying anything. I was going to have a long drive back home when an old male friend came in. We started to tussle playfully, tackling each other.

Outdoors, it was a long view of

Outdoors, it was a long view of a grassy plain. Late afternoon. Storm clouds forming. I saw, in the middle of this plain, a herd of buffalo. Stampeding towards me. Odd thing. The stampede seemed to have flame or light sporadically coming out of it. I sounded a warning to another, who I did not see nor do I know. Almost angry at that person, I was. I was "inside" what could be a large terminal, or station - but it had no wall that faced the plain. It was totally open. I took cover on what would be a restroom stall against a wall, closing the aluminum door hoping not to be run over. The perpendicular wall to the stall was a tall wall of thick beveled glass - this is what the stampede would have to crash into. The sound of them stampeding got louder as they drew nearer. I was scared. But at the moment of what should have been impact on the beveled glass - there was silence. As if they had either disappeared or ran through it without a trace. Amazed at what didn't happen, I then woke up.

Standing outside in the dark it was

Standing outside in the dark it was like all in grey scale, devoid of any other colors. I looked up and the clouds parted and I saw a line of strange looking planets moving across this opening from my right to my left or counterclockwise. Counterclockwise is a description that stands out from the dream. Not to mention the strange look to the planets. One I remember had a dark stripe down the center. One other thing to mention is for the last 20yrs I almost never remember my dreams.

I was at school, and it must

I was at school, and it must have been one of the last days of school, because there was no order to the day, everybody was just eating and hanging out and doing nothing. Then, everybody started preparing for a crisis of some sort. I remember going out into the hallway with my friend, and we started telling each other how grateful we were for each other and saying we hoped we survived. Then, I was in my theatre teacher's classroom (which wasn't even her classroom) and she started talking about how there was going to be huge crashes of lightning and clouds of mosquitos that would make us lose our hearing, or kill us. Everybody started crying, and I remember saying, "I don't wanna die! I've got shows to do!" Then she said, "12 minutes remaining," and we started preparing for the storm.

My spouse and i are riding a

My spouse and i are riding a bike with my spouse over a bridge happy and free. Clouds start to roll in on the surface of the bridge. Beautiful and scary clouds start to rise up at the end of the bridge. High tides also hit the bridge. A subway train crashes into the frozen clouds and my husband and I escape the frozen and danger before its too late.

My son had a kite it was

My son had a kite it was so high in the sky I could see it above the clouds. He was holding the kite string and suddenly I looked to him and he was gone but the kite string was still hanging from the kite. I looked up and I could see shadows in the clouds, I pulled on the string but it did not move. I kept pulling harder on the kite string and I pulled with all my strength and my son fell out of the sky onto the ground. He was scared and told me they didn't want to let him come back.