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I had a baby. He was beautiful

I had a baby. He was beautiful and small. He was in the car alone and cold. I fought with my boyfriend. We were unmarried. I called my dad and he was happy for me. Then I got mad at my boyfriends family for not giving me space. Then I was breastfeeding my baby. The baby turned into a baby pig. Felt a lot of regret and sadness because I felt like my life was over

I was on a boat with my

I was on a boat with my family. Two of my cousins, My Grandparents and myself. Me and my cousins were playing with their cat. For some reasons I was anxious about sharks even though I love sharks. Eventually my Grandfather stood up and look at the temperature gauge and whatever measures wind speed. He told us that the temperature kept changing from really cold to really hot. The largest was up to almost a 300 degrees difference. Then the wind speed kept going up and down. Fast to slow. My Grandma said something along the lines of "An Act of God?" And I'll I said was "God?" And then I woke up.

Forgot about my daughter who was a

Forgot about my daughter who was a toddler, I searched horrified and found her in the bottom of a enormous, clear blue, iced cold cold cement pool in pink footy Pajama's. As I dove to get her in the iced cold water she had suddenly turned into my nice who in of that age.

I was with my daughter at a

I was with my daughter at a huge crowd gathered around a huge cement pool bright blue of freezing cold water that a few people were dunking them selves in a a speak spoke. W The people began to talk among them selves and as as I was talking among the people around me, I suddenly realized that I had no idea where my daughter was, I began to panic calling her name and searching the crowd around me as they did as well and I looked over the short wall into the freezing water and my baby girl was face up at the bottom of the pool, she was wearing pink Onesy with feet and Just before diving in I'm screaming no, no, no and all though I knew it was my daughter she look exactly like my new baby nice who is of that age and as I woke, I found myselve F falling between the wall and my bed say in a panics what I was saying in my dream.

I use to keep having the dream

I use to keep having the dream that our city fair was going on all year long, some days it was abandoned and some days it was too cold and full of snow. But other days things would be different, there would be bands playing music and it would feel like i have met the band before but i know i haven’t.

The first part of my dream went

The first part of my dream went like this. I was a sheriff's deputy driving on a dirt road when suddenly I stopped at a train yard, just outside the main entrance of it which was closed off by a wire gate. To my right were three sandstone pillars with small squares set into them. When I looked at them four chuckles appeared inside the circles as if some invisible hand was drawing them. Out of nowhere a car I recognized but couldn't remember where it was from blasted through the gate and hit a red train car from the side. I don't know why but I got this extremely hostile feeling and I drove up and rammed the other car from behind, trapping the driver there. A few moments of us playing reverse tug of war and suddenly the train car tips over and completely crushes the other car, a pool of blood appearing beneath the driver side. There was a small window near the top of the train car where many people's hands were trying to reach out. Their hands were gray and dirty in color. The very next thing I remember was now I was a German Shepherd with an injured front leg. The only reason I know that is because as the German Shepard half of my experience was in third person and the other half was first person. My experience as a cop was all first person. Anyway, three really dirty, gray skinned men show up. Im still in the train yard, just inside of some sort of two story warehouse. The outside was made out of some rusting sheet metal while the inside rooms and floors were made out of what looked like fresh plywood. The three men are pushing and shoving their way up some stairs frantically, and I follow them with my injured leg. They mention something about staying in the light or "they'll" get you, so I decided to take that advice to heart even though they weren't even talking to me. There were small lit candles just up the stairs that surprisingly illuminated about a meter's worth of space very brightly. The three men disappeared or simply went out of sight while I went towards the candles. By now I'm in one corner of the warehouse. To my right I'm looking inwards towards an empty room with a candle that's illuminating it entirely and I suddenly feel freezing cold. I bolt into that room as fast as I can and huddle into a corner. Just as I turn back around I see a long, scrawny hand and arm laying just outside my room, followed by a huge, dense cloud of fog. I'm in a third person view right now, and can see hundreds of similar hands, each with long needle like claws protruding from the finger tips. I start panicking and then I wake up.

Desperately Looking for loved ones and family

Desperately Looking for loved ones and family members.. something taking over. Mostly alone and I cannot see faces.... I ALWAYS wake up in cold sweat. nearly every night. My mother had a severe alcohol problem and seemed tormented by a bad spirit all her life if you ask me...... I used to have dreams of me laying on a sofa while my father is behind me....and tries to penetrate me :/ ....my mother sits in front of her mirror and laughs at the scene ...sheer horror and it did kind of traumatize me and distort the relationship or non existant relationship to my father..... COULD THIS BE A SPIRITUAL ENTITY/ Problem ??? OR is it my subcounscious just tryna work stuff out. PLEASE HELP

Was in my car with my mother.Then

Was in my car with my mother.Then suddenly my mother got out out of the car. i was in the backseat alone.I saw our frontseat drawer opened up so i scold my driver,asked why the drawer was opened up.I,closed the drawer by taking my hand over the seat. After closing the drawer,i looked back,I saw our driver just sat beside me by jumping up from the front seat.Then he started come forward me and hold me tightly and tried to bite my body,i sreamed.Then it was like the car was crashing and my sleep broke with my in my ear sounded like "pee" pee"pee".Mention that the driver was an old one and we replaced him long long ago