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Standing on a beach with a small

Standing on a beach with a small group. In the distance I noticed a group of children playing, and as I passed them I noticed one with a knife, sat among the rocks. The children began screaming that the lone child was bleeding and when I looked, the child was slitting it's wrists. I fought fight or flight before pushing myself to run and grab the child, screaming for help as I ran down the beach with the child in my arms. After help was received, the child became my pet cat.

Mom, sister and I on the car

Mom, sister and I on the car driving home from sisters softball game. We kept hitting bumps so we turned back around. We then realized the were dead bodies on the road. We turned around again then we could see them hanging from the trees. There was a man standing in the distance not moving. Then he starts shooting at us. I just lay my head against the door trying to seem like I was dead. I could hear his foot steps coming closer. They stop and he's just pointing the gun at me. He shoots and I wake up in a panic.

An fbi agent was hired to follow

An fbi agent was hired to follow me around because someone want to kill me and i need to be protected. The fbi agent told me to not mind her and continue with my normal everyday life. She said she would always be watching me but would keep her distance. So I decided to go a movie theater with one of my bestfriends. We were sitting watching the movie while eating candy my friend decided to go to the washroom. While she left the agent came up to me and took some candy and placed it in a plastic bag so she could take it to her office for testing. The next day the agent came over to my house with the candy in the bag and a bunch of papers from test she did on the candy. |The agent explained that my friend did not wash her hand after she used the washroom and that I was eating bad candy.