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I dreamed my youngest daughter and I

I dreamed my youngest daughter and I found my aunt, who passed away in 2010, lying in a ditch in the same dress she was buried in although I did not know that before or during my dream. We found that she was dead so we called police. Police officer came and was about to check on her when she rose straight up and onto her feet. She said she wanted to go home and see her dogs. When she passed away she only had one dog but had two dogs many years ago. Police officer took her home. My daughter and I went to her house to see her but the house was completely empty except for curtains blowing in the wind. Then my daughter and I were in a warehouse with a woman sitting in a chair with her back to us. Another lady, an actress from a horror movie, was standing in front of her throwing mace or pepper spray in the sitting womans face. She told the me this is the lady who caused all your pain and hurt. As she threw stuff on the sitting womans face, the woman sitting was laughing and saying you can't hurt me, no one can hurt me! The actresss told her she was evil. The warehouse was empty except for all of us and oil barrels. Then my daughter and I went to police station to find out what happened to my aunt but no one could see us.

In my dream my 15 year old

In my dream my 15 year old nephew was murdered. My nephew then came to me as a spirit in my dream (very calm), walking next to me in a drain ditch. He was telling me how he was murdered and where I could find his body and his murderers. I then was in a huge, older house standing with my sister (my nephews mother who is deceased in real life) and my mother, both whom are standing to my left side and I cannot see their faces. We are facing a large, white woman who had helped murder my nephew, and behind me was a large black man who had also helped murder my nephew.