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I was lying on my bed feeling

I was lying on my bed feeling like I couldn't move. There were no doors or windows so I couldn't get out. As i was lying there it felt like the walls were closing in on me and there was nothing that I could do.

When it started I was with I

When it started I was with I think my family, and maybe friends. We were in a bathroom or basement it was confusing, but it was dirty with quite a few doors. We were definitely hiding from bad guys, and I know they had weapons, and I think we did but I don’t remember. The bad guys broke in, and I was like “no thanks” so I somehow managed to run up the stairs behind them. Then all of a sudden I was in my car with my dad, driving on the road by my house. We were still running from the bad guys, and I asked him which way to turn. He yelled “ocean drive.” That’s for sure not a road but I turned left, like I was going to Grand Forks. In Go Karts they drive slow if there’s too much weight in them, and I distinctly remember having that feeling during this dream. We were driving on like a four lane interstate packed to the brim with traffic, and I was worried we were going to get caught because my dad was weighing the car down! I also remember telling my dad that it’d be nicer if we were on a motorcycle because then we could zip between all the other cars easier, since they’re smaller. We got to a place that was like a worship area for people who were members of ISIS, but a lot of people I talk to were there. I was almost like a journalist or undercover spy of sorts because we were trying to see what their plan was. When it got to be night I got Alyssa and told her they were going to find out so we had to go now. On our way out I stopped to talk to some other people I know and tell them we were leaving if they wanted to come with. They stayed. We got to the parking lot and I realized we didn’t have a vehicle. Alyssa had somehow snagged the keys to a very fancy, new, expensive looking white truck. We got in the truck and she said “See? This is perfect, because it can do this!” and she drove over like 8 curbs, that were steps down to the road. I remember feeling guilty and asking if this was alright. As we drove away, the owner of the truck came out of the building and was like “What the heck?!” I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to steal the truck, so I texted my mom and explained to her that we had stolen a truck but for a good reason. When we were driving someone else I know saw us and was very confused as to when we got this nice of a truck.

I am running through a neighborhood full

I am running through a neighborhood full of houses that all look the same. There is a really tall person following me with some type of weapon that he keeps hitting me on the back with. Everytime he hits me, my legs become slow, like the feeling of trying to run through water. As I run through the neighborhood, I knock on doors asking for help but no one answers in time so I must keep running. As I approach the last house on the block the door opens and its Barack Obama. He invites me inside, and I end up living with them.

I was home alone one day and

I was home alone one day and I look out the window and see a white van pull up on the opposite side of the street. I get a bad feeling and run to my doors to lock them all. I see a man approaching the door and I get scared. The man gets into the house and I try to run away. I get to another house, but the white van follows me wherever I go.

I was getting chased by my friends

I was getting chased by my friends because they all turned into zombies and were chasing me around my whole town. When I tried to go somewhere safe, all of the doors locked me out so I was trapped.

I dreamed an exlover and i were

I dreamed an exlover and i were attempting to engage in intercourse. I look up at the two bedroom doors and one of them had a broken pad lock hanging on the door. Then i awoke. Excited and disapointed. Ive missed my ex lover.

I was in a classroom with a

I was in a classroom with a bunch of people I know, but the weather was getting bad outside so we had to go in the bunker. I climb down these stairs and this bunker is huge. With multiple size and styled doors. If everyone was too noisy an oger would come could and take someone. but their was a door leading to the outside but it as up this long stairway going right over the ogers door. It was hard getting people to be quite.

I was in a big ship on

I was in a big ship on water and guys were trying to kill me. I had to help save a couple people including my mom and kids. I running away and looking for weapons to fight back with. I couldn't look any doors.