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to make a long story short i

to make a long story short i had a lot of shoes in my dream i love shoes in real life...i live with my grandmother an for some reason in my dream i think it was a holiday maybe new years because a lot of loved ones were here an when some of us got in the car one of my friends was closing the car door an a white truck passed by but the truck almost hit the car door an the truck parked an a weird looking demon man got out an he was angry at us so i slammed my door an locked it and my friend soon did the same but we tried to drive away an he kept chasing us..at some point we came back to the house an me an my sister was laying on the floor in the living room with my nephew an i went to go look out the back door and i seen a lot of demons surrounding the house with torches and pitchforks saying some weird words..so i came back inside and locked all the doors and windows an my sisters friend started acting weird all of a sudden an i realized he was possessed then he tried to kill my nephew an i made him get out then i locked the door back and that's when i woke up

the bar like at mug shots and

the bar like at mug shots and I only have 2 beers and I'm driving you home but when I get in the car I feel drunk and I'm afraid of the cops and you have to pee so we are going to stop at Sheetz but all the lights are off Sheetz is closed but rite aid has all the lights on and tons of cars so we pull in there. We walk in and I'm sitting on the counter you tell me to get you cigs and you go to the bathroom. Then all of a sudden like 10 cops show up and they are screaming to get out and I run to the door and a guy is pointing a gun at me so I turn around and run back to you at the bathroom and we are hiding in there and like mili gun shots go off. Then someone comes into the bathroom and they shoot a bunch of shots at us but we don't get shot so we decide to run. We run outside and like the hill district is outside shooting everyone cops drunk kids everyone do we run to Sheetz which is where all these wounded people are. Why we didn't run to your house is still pissing me off like do better dream Kara. Anyways people are still getting shot left and right so I decide the only way we will get away is to go back to rite aid and get my car. So we are booking it to the car jump in and three guys stop us the one guy is shot the other one looks dead and they ask to jump in the car we left them in and go to drive away but the guy puts a gun to my head and says we gave to go to Sheetz. Here we picked up three of the shooters! He makes you try to stop the blood on the guy that's shot and you are freaking and he's threatening to shoot you when a cop shoots the guy through the car window in the head and kills him. So now we are in the car at Sheetz with 2 dead guys and a dude that's bleeding to death. The car looks like pulp fiction at this point and we are covered in blood and guts. Somehow Kim shows up and says we have to get the guy that's still alive help and somehow Sheetz is now like a Red Cross where everyone shot is getting help. We are freaking out saying that the shooters are in the car and no one believes us. They get the guy the car stable and he reaches for the gun points it at me and I wake up.

I was travelling to a new town

I was travelling to a new town with one of my best friends who happens to be a male. I've never had any feelings for this guy, nor has he had for me, but i'd say hes quite attractive. We were driving his car through this town and we end up parking at the side of the road at night and start having sex. I have a boyfriend so this is a little weird to me. All of a sudden we hear a gunshot go off and we panic. He begins to drive away and crashes into a building while losing control of his car. He's dead. I get out of the car and go into the bulding that we crash in to ind a weapon ot protect myself. I couldnt make out who the shooters were, but i found myself hiding behind a shower curtan with a wooden rod for a weapon. Soon i hear police sirens and decide to come out.

I was in a restaurant in Puerto

I was in a restaurant in Puerto Rico at the beach with my family which includes my dad, my mom, and my sister. The whole time I was either texting my boyfriend or on the phone with him telling him I was coming back to the United States soon. (Which is home for me) When my family and me were done at the restaurant. As I was walking to the car I looked back to the restaurant noticing that it was on top of the beach/ocean. And there were big waves following us. We got into the car and drove away to my dad's house. In our way there though we stopped at my mom's friend which she took care of niece. But she lived in a different place alone. Which was near my dad's house at the beach. We went inside her house and looked outside and the waves were coming into Puerto Rico. 3 waves hit us leaving us deaf for a while. Then we decided to drive away to a safe place. But my mom's friend didn't come with us she stood at her house. When we drove away we were in a place I've been before in my dreams. I can't really explain how it looks. But it had houses a lot of roads and buildings. I called my boyfriend but no answer so I texted him, he replied. He was busy. Suddenly I am at my current house but my current house is in Puerto Rico next to tall buildings and my old home. The only thing different about my current house is that it was a tall building where I could see the ocean and the city and my old middle school. Then suddenly danger came. The ocean was swallowing Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico was sinking into the ocean! Cars, people, buildings everything. Saw this whole process while packing up my important stuff and on the phone with my boyfriend. My boyfriend was confused he didn't know what was happening, I did try explaining. I went into my mom 's room and saw my cousin and my sister. They live with me currently. I asked my mom if she had bought the plain tickets to go back to United States, to our house. Which didn't make sense my current house in the united states was in Puerto Rico. She said they hadn't called back we were gonna die. I went in my room scared and disappointed. I told my boyfriend it was the end for me. I saw the ocean coming closer to my house. And that's when I told my boyfriend as my house collapse into the water and I fell "I love you so much don't ever forget that" then I fell into the ocean with the buildings and cars and everything that was already in there and started drowning. Something told me this was all a dream.. So then I finally woke up, very scared but happy it was a dream.

I woke up that morning in tears.

I woke up that morning in tears. Not knowing why I have had this same dream for the past two and a half years. It never did make sense to me, but I just brushed it off and kept going. There I was standing in my front yard of my old home, birds were chirping and dogs were barking. I was watching my life and future drive away in his red with white racing stripes down the front hood. Never knowing what could have been because all I seen was this truck slowly fading away in the distance. As I turned around and fell to my knees asking God “ Why me? Why does this have to happen?” As I got the strength to get up, I seen a person standing over me. I couldn’t see their face for the sun was shining so bright. I come to the recognition that it had to be an angel of God helping me. They grabbed me by the hand and said “ I will help you, you just have to let go of whatever it is that is holding you down.” I looked down at the ground for maybe a second and after finally getting back on my feet, they were gone, vanished, nowhere to be seen. I wiped the tear from my eyes and started back to the front door. As I was opening the door little by little I noticed that it was not my home, not a home at all. It was like a fairytale land. The grass was a green as it could be the sky as blue as it has ever been and a waterfall trickling down the hilly land and a rainbow covering as if was its blanket. I looked up at the sky and all I seen was my Aunt Renee’s face, just as I remembered her. There was a long complete silence; you could hear the drop of a hat. I was in complete awe of what I was witnessing. She then proceeded say to me “Emmy, everything is going to be just fine, I promise” I started crying, in disbelief that that had just happened. My father walked up to me and said “I am so sorry.” Then turning around and walking away, he disappeared into thin air. My Aunt Renee then asked me what was going on; my reply was “I don’t know.” She then started to disappear, as I was begging her not to go she didn’t say anything and then she was gone. I have never gotten past that part in my dream; I always wake up right after that part.

I walked dowwntown at night by myself

I walked dowwntown at night by myself past a store a few times. The store was set below street level and you had to walk down a staircase to get to it. A few other young peoplevwent in there but I never did. Eventually I walked back to a car, and a middle-aged Native man that O didn't know was standing under a the light of a street lamp near the car. He had long dark hair that was tied back in a pony tail, and was wearing light wash dirty jeans and an old grey, dark green, and red sweatshirt. He tried to talk to me but I jumped in the car and locked the doors. I hid on the floor curled up so he couldn't see me. Facts about kidnapping went through my mind. I tried to call my dad but then I tried calling 911. No one answered the phone. I cpuldn't drive away because I didn't have the keys or a driver's license that allows me to drive alone. At some point the Native man got in the car but I don't know how. I didn't let him in and he didn't open the door. He started driving the car away and I asked him to let me go, but he wouldn't. He was now wearing a blue button down shirt and his hair was down. He staryed talking to me, and told me he was taking me somewhere nut wouldn't say where. I thought about more kidnapping statistics and that I probably would never see my parents again. I tried to figure out how to escape but I couldn't think of any solutions.