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I’ve had a dream that disturbed me

I’ve had a dream that disturbed me and woke me from my sleep. I feel like I have had it before but this is the first time I have recalled it but have been waking due to disturbing dreams I cannot recall. This dream I was in my bedroom at home but was slightly different from my actual room(eg. Single bed instead of my actual queen size bed, and bed location was along the wall sleeping along the wall instead on head towards wall) It was nighttime and my parents where asleep. I wake from sleep and I try to get up but my body starts to spasm uncontrollably. I fall to the ground and continue to spasm in painful ways and am extremely frightened. I try to yell out to my Mum but am unable to talk louder then a whisper although I am trying to yell, I am unable to raise my voice. I have no control over my body or movement but and aware of what’s going on and am really frightened. My TV is on playing an episode of criminal minds and muffles the noise made by me. I eventually am able to crawl back up into bed and lay there in pain and slowly I gain control to my body. Then all of a sudden my body contorts again sharply. At this point I woke up and took me a few minutes to realise it was just a dream. Was really uneasy and scared

i woke up from a nap on

i woke up from a nap on the couch and i kept itching my eye . so i went to go check in the mirror and see if something was in my eye . and there was a baby fish swimming around my eye . on the inside white part . i just walked away from the mirror like it was nothing . then i went to the doctor too days later because i had a really bad headache . and all of a sudden i busted out crying saying "he likes her more than me" and then i was sitting in my bestfriend's bed , and we were watching an episode of ncis . and then i got a phone call from this guy im starting to like and he kept calling me his girl and then i woke up .