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This dream was had by a good

This dream was had by a good friend of mine. The dream location was unclear but there was round wooden table with two pints of dark beer and an ash try (Neither he (ex-smoker) nor the lady smoke. The lady is my ex-girlfriend and the man (a very good friend who now lives abroad with his wife and child). Their is some social chit chat and the lady asks him if she can ask him a favour. He says of course. She says "can you tell me if i have an attractive figure?" and he says "Yes you do". She says how can you answer you haven't seen me. He protests but she insists and takes off all her clothes.He then explains he didn't need to see to tell her she is attractive. She puts back on her clothes and they carry on talking as if nothing has happened and the dream then peters out. What can you tell me?

I have killed someone for my partner

I have killed someone for my partner who is in jail. The authorities know I have done it but have not attempted to catch me. I hang around the prison where the murder took place as I have left my sons favourite toy dog there and need to get it back before he goes to bed. Im at the prison cafe and Jane Lynch requests I take her to the cafe down the road for the better food choices. She offers me $6. I skeak the toy from under the display cabinet at the cafe and sneak out, knowing that they knew I took it.

I seen last night that i am

I seen last night that i am at my old house where we lived before my marriage this house is not owned by my father it is government alloted flat which is alloted to my father when he is in government service.i saw that me my parents g visit this flat to spend some holidays and this flat is owned by my father and kept as an asset with him .in the balcony area we used to have lots of plant there in reality so i saw that we have small frit trees or plants rooted in pots and t on these plants i saw first pomogranate fruit and i call my mother to see the fruit tthen i saw on next plant there are four five oranges then i call my aa and sister thne my big brother came in balcony we all four lie down on floor to count exact numbers of fruit there then suddenly when i welcomed my brother i saw another two fruit plants that is berries when is greeen one which have few berries on it and another is black berries fruit plant which is full of berries then i call my only daughter to see your favourite fruit is there also.we all three brother sister are married and having kids too but i only seaw my daughter .what this dream tells?

I was in my room that suddenly

I was in my room that suddenly my favourite band members came inside.I was so excited that I rushed to take their autographs but I forgot to take a picture with them!I was walking down the street sadly.I entered a museum and their I found my celebrity crush's mom giving me a ring for my engagement with my celebrity crush.I met my celebrity crush and we smiled at each other.We kept on starring at each other until a girl came and told me that my little sister was lost.I ran with my celebrity crush to find her.