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So in my dream I wasn't dreaming

So in my dream I wasn't dreaming about anything in particular but it was relaxed and happy like floating around in my subconscious. Then suddenly it felt like someone had grabbed my entire body and squeezed it and made some sort of inhuman sound in my ear. At this point I startled awake and thought that someone was in my room in the middle of the night and I just froze and slowly tried to move only managing to move my hand a little bit. Then after a little while I turned over. So fricken frightened. Nothing was there but I couldn't get the feeling of something grabbing me and making such a terrifying noice in my ear. Like it was low not a growl or a groan, a noice I haven't heard before. Now I haven't really dreamt or had a nightmare since I was in primary I'm twenty one. Can you interpret this for me if you can find meaning or. Is it just a meh dream?

it was judgement day and everyone was

it was judgement day and everyone was running around. if you turn clear gold you go heaven if you turn silver you go hell. i turned gold, so i went to heaven but once i got there i could see a waterfall and i was floating on cloud this woman came up to me i couldn't see her face because everything was blurry and i could see other people behind her of the same race. i think it was my grandma who recently just pass because she was wearing my countries cultural clothes and she was trying to tell me something but i don't know what.

My husband and I were at my

My husband and I were at my parents place. There must have been a flood or bad rainstorm because the property across the street was flooded over 8ft on front yard. The house wasn't there, just the front yard. My husband decided he wanted to go swimming. He's a strong swimmer. So he and I went swimming in the front yard. I got tired after awhile so went back to my parents while my husband continue to swim. Next thing I knew my husband's sister was on one of those floating rings in the water. She looked younger than she actually is. She looked like a teenager, but in reality she is actually in her early 40s. She was wearing a flower print bikini. My husband was wearing red swim shorts, no shirt. After awhile my husband went under the water and didn't come up. My sister in law came swimming to us and told us he was gone and she couldn't find him. We all jumped in the water screaming for him. They told me to wait at my parents house. Eventually firefighters came and someone found him (but in my dream I didn't see any of that, just heard it). Someone told me that he was dead. I started screaming and screaming noooooo. I then woke up.

First person experience, some of it felt

First person experience, some of it felt like a reflection, some felt like I was observing another. Dreamt of a man (face unrecognizable but seemed like myself, location seemed like my bedroom yet not) holding water in his cheek. His cheek swelled and the water burst through the other side of his skin floating in a state of suspension. I felt horror at first but then saw his cheek to be in both a condition of terrible wound and perfectly normal (Distortion like effect). I remember a specific reasoning/thought from myself that this water had resolved itself (quantum) to the otherside of the mans cheek, his wound/non-wound was perplexing to me. He seemed to convey alarm and pain, yet he also did not. There was more unrelated dreams in this sequence, none standout as much as this paticular moment which seemed to last a little more than a minute.