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I went to a community pool to

I went to a community pool to hangout with some friends. The boy that I have a crush on in real life came with me. His friend was someone that I know in real life but he was a different person, but represented himself. I flirted and held hands with some boy I met at the pool and ran into the boy I had a crush on while doing so. The boy I have a crush on looked at me funny so I asked him what was wrong. He said something that was an excuse and I asked him what was really wrong. He said that he was bothered that I hooked up with the other boy. I said to him "But you kissed Erica in front of me." (Which actually happened in real life.) and he said "I thought we were passed that" which I replied with "I'm not mad I just thought you didn't like me." He said something and then we kissed a few times and we were okay. I then went to go get my bag and ran into the boy I was flirting with in the beginning of the dream.

I was in a catholic school, while

I was in a catholic school, while school was going on, and I didn't belong there. my friends and I were walking around trying not to be seen. then we went up to the roof and found a group of homeless people. the school was surrounded by a lake. We started to hangout with the homeless people, and some of my group didn't want to and got mad, so we pushed whoever didn't want to hangout with him off of the building. then one ran away and we had a search party to go find her because we wanted to push her off of the building

So, I am normally good at helping

So, I am normally good at helping people understand dreams, but this one I cannot decipher. My best guy friend had a dream that he was laying in bed with a girl that is now his best friend, "Kate", but was once (years ago) someone he was in a relationship with for a short period of time. They found out shortly after that they did not work well as lovers, but instead made good friends. Since then, he has had two girlfriends that he has broken up with. He still has a deep respect for her as a friend, but the other feelings are no longer there. They still hangout often and spend time together though. He has since gotten with a new girl, and has been with her for a year now, "Ally". But anyway, he had a dream that he and "Kate" were laying in bed together and he rolled over to kiss her, but when he rolled over, "Kate" had turned into "Ally", and so he rolled back over, and turned around again, expecting that he was seeing things, but "Kate" had again turned into "Ally". Why was he dreaming of laying in bed with "Kate"? And why did "Kate" turn into "Ally"? Please help so I can help my friend! Thanks:)