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Starts with my friend and I at

Starts with my friend and I at his house by the forest, taking and saying good bye he was going oversea with his platoon. When we huged the picture widened my parents, his parents and his company came, he joined them. Knowing he was leavind soon I caaled to him askinf dor his address so I mailhim. He di s nt give itto me so his mom called me over told me ahell get Iit for en me and left to go to the house. I truned to follow her as that happen my friend graped my shoulderans turned me to face him. He looked at me condescendly then told me where I can reach him. He shock my hand then rejoined his platoon. The marched into the forest I turned to my family then turned backto my friend and ran after him. Then I was runnjng thourgh his company.