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My grandfather's house in greece, after he

My grandfather's house in greece, after he dies, and my house in ipa merge into one house and i see my shoes and cologne which I left in the greek house. at airport to visit my granfather who is alive in greece, call work to say i will be away for a few weeks. I see Carrie with a group of friends when Woman with red skin, next to me, touches my left cheek, and my felt cracked like crab shell.

I had a dream that I was

I had a dream that I was at a multi level shopping mall and I was looking for a bathroom to use. I looked and looked and finally found one. I entered the bathroom and went looking for a toilet. I looked in the first toilet stall and saw that the toilet was full of feces, I looked in another toilet stall and found the toilet full of urine, and I looked in a third toilet and found the toilet full of vomit. I went to look for another toilet stall and saw three Greek men enter the women's washroom. I spoke with the man in Greek and told him that he wasn't allowed to be in the women's washroom, he kept asking why and I told him that if he didn't leave the washroom, I would call the security. He said that he wanted to give away some stuff and I told him that this wasn't the place for that kind of gesture. All three men left and I went to a Christmas display and I noticed a red plastic bag that the Greek man had left behind. I opened the bag and noticed boxes of all shapes and sizes. I opened the first box and I found, Greek Christmas cards, lottery tickets, stamps, air mail. I decided to keep several boxes. My Aunt Mary then appeared and a lady next to her was asking about some red candles, my Aunt replied that she had the exact same ones and they had a specific scent. I smelled the candles but I couldn't smell anything. I said to her that if she had a pair of candles then I would keep this pair of red candles too. I then noticed an ornament that looked like a tea cup and saucer that was navy blue and white in colour and I decided to take that. I also saw a Christmas tree ornament that had lights and I decided to take that as well. I had to dismantle the ornament and the lighting system before I could remove it from the tree. I then woke up.

I went to see a white lady

I went to see a white lady at her house it was a big building with numbers her house number was 31 and the were other numbers 24, 21, 23, 30, and this ather white lady pointed the door I was going to I entered n this white lady I know very well was sitting on a chair and we walked to the sea and the her husband was swiming and she joined the husband they were both swiming in the sea and the waves got bigger and bigger they came to where we were standing and we run away we in the house and the were two white man that I know and one of them was her husband they were changing into dry clothes the lady and I went to the beach on the side where the was greeks and I was helping her to comb the long brown and blond hair telling her that her hair is beautiful and the texture of the hair was very soft I told her the hair style makes her look very young because she is his old and we were watching these people with dark fair skin swiming

I keep having dreams where i am

I keep having dreams where i am being watched by the greek goddesses Athena and Aphrodite. Between them there is a man the has great power but i dont believe it to be Zeus i think he is a magician or an oracle or something like that. They appear to be just looking at me and always have smiles. i dont speak a word of greek although my family tree originates from Greece. but when they talk to me i can undertsand what they say