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I was invisible with my children and

I was invisible with my children and present at my husbands work. He worked in a place that had three different levels of dimensions in space. He did cocaine at his job and participated in homosexual behavior in return for favors from a male coworker. His coworkers saw one of my children on an xray machine that they used for taking pictures of space. I was cleaning up the area of toys when it happened. He became upset when I found out about his behavior and opted to just stay friends. We went our separate ways as I drove a car into the rainy night. I kept going over hills in the road and it was wet outside and dark. The water was clear but I was seeing it from inside the car.

I am lesbian. In my dream, I

I am lesbian. In my dream, I was taking a walk with my favourite tomboy singer from Hong Kong after watching her mini concert. We started talking about life and comparing stories. She told me that it really isn't different being homosexual in a place where there aren't equal rights. The most important thing is to remember to be yourself no matter what and don't take what others think about you seriously. I told her about how at my high school in Canada, we have assemblies and presentations about the minorities of our society and topics that may be considered taboo (ex. suicide, homosexuality, drugs & alcohol). She was very surprised and said she wished that was how things were like in Hong Kong too.

I was in a bowling alley with

I was in a bowling alley with my friends and I went to talk to my crush who was kissing a boy. I was a bit jealous and he said that he was homosexual. Later on I was his girlfriend but he was still going out with his gay partner. All three of us were in the same relationship. We all went food shopping and then me and my crush went to the arcade.